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It’s no secret that the popularity of vaping has been rapidly increasing in the past few years. But, have you heard about the latest wedding trend that involves vaping?

Nowadays, weddings, especially with vaping enthusiasts couples, find creative ways to incorporate vapes into their celebrations. Doing this makes their party more unique and memorable.

Suppose you are also interested in including vapes in your upcoming wedding. In that case, here are some of the best ways that you can incorporate it:

Vape Photography

Have you seen those cool vape clouds and ring photos circulating social media? If yes, then it is more than possible for you to also do that in your wedding photographs. Many photographers already enjoy taking smoke photos so there is a high chance that they will agree to capture these moments.

The nice thing about vape photography is that you can also enjoy vaping while the photo session is ongoing. This can be really helpful if you are not comfortable in front of the camera because it helps you loosen up your nerves. This way, the photographers can capture relaxed and candid photos easily.

Vape Bar

You’ve heard of an alcohol bar and dessert bar. There are even weddings with perfume bars. However, have you ever heard of a vape bar?

A vape bar will enable your wedding guest to try different unique and exotic vape flavors during your celebration. Your guest just needs to bring their own vape mod and the vape bartender will fill them up with their chosen flavors.

Having a vape bar is also a good opportunity to introduce it to people who are not into it yet. This is because vape bartenders are experts in anything vape. They can help them navigate their first vaping experience to make it more fun and memorable.

Vape Photobooth

Photo booths are one of the most enjoyable aspects of weddings. Not only can guests unleash their goofy sides, but they can also have tangible memorabilia of their enjoyment. However, since photo booths are used in almost all weddings, they have become very common. Luckily, you can put a twist to it by turning it into a vape photobooth.

But, what’s the difference between a traditional and vape photo booth? Well, with a vape photo booth, your guests can have themselves photographed while performing their best vape tricks. At the same time, they can also enjoy the backdrop and props of traditional photo booths.

Final Words

Vaping is more than just a pastime or an alternative to smoking. It has now become an integral part of the lifestyle of many people across the world. There are even communities solely built based on their common interest in vaping. If you belong to that community, it’s understandable why you would want to incorporate vapes into your wedding.

The suggestions mentioned above are just some of the common ways you can incorporate it. But, if you can think of something else, then go for it as long as it’s fun and nothing illegal.

Meagan Miller

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