Little Sis is Getting Married!

Oh my goodness, this is an exciting post!!

One on the happiest days of my life has got to be the day my sister Tricia came by the house to tell me the incredible news!!! She had just been back from being on safari and mountain climbing in Africa with her boyfriend Kris. They had been on an amazing GAP adventure and reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro together. Once they reached the top, they felt an amazing rush, like they had truly experienced something epic together. Climbing a mountain like that is no small feat but that wasn’t where the monumental moments would end. At 6am as the sun was rising over the mountain and the morning fog was softly rolling out, Kris got down on one knee and asked Tricia if she would be his forever. Isn’t that the best engagement story ever!!(Check out the full story here!!)



When we heard the news we knew there was one thing that they could quickly cross of their wedding to-do list… The hunt for a wedding photographer 😉 Of course, I was a little disappointed when she told me I had to leave my camera at home when she asked me to be her Maid of Honour, but I’m so excited she chose ME for the job! Dave is pumped to be covering the beautiful event this summer, no doubt he’ll do something amazing for them!



We weren’t sure when or where we’d do their engagement shoot, but we were super-excited to have this unseasonal warmer weather! We could take advantage of some great outdoor locations around Toronto.


I just LOVE the way this soft texture in the plants looks with Tricia’s hair. Cool huh?!


I thought this idea was super-cute… Kris and Tricia are having a peacock themed wedding and it was nice to tie in these cute peacock accessory earrings for their engagement shoot.


These two are SO cute together! They truly are perfect for each other. I also love the long grass in this shot, It’s amazing the photography locations you can find in Toronto if you just walk around a bit!




As the sun went down and the city lights came up, we took a walk down by the water front. There is one thing for sure, I love shots like these and I LOVE living in Toronto!




We set up a bit of lighting and got these gorgeous shots of the Kris and Tricia with the sky line. Doesn’t Kris look charming??


We hopped in the car on our engagement shoot adventure and decided a few cute shots in front of the R.O.M would be sweet. We love the geometric design, such a cool building!



As dusk turned to darkness, we had to find new lighting sources, I love finding cool reflections… night shooting is sooo dramatic and so much fun!!



Just a hop, skip and a jump away was Toronto’s famous Yorkville! We took a break and went for an amazing dinner then picked up again for a few shots afterward.



Haha, I love this shot as we were setting up, too funny! Ok, give me Blue Steel…Work it…



Can you believe these shots were not taken in a studio! Wow… these two look gorgeous! Thanks so much guys, this shoot was soo much fun, can’t wait till the wedding!!