Bryan & Allison’s ~ Four Seasons of Love

One of the best things about our job as wedding photographers is when we’re recognized by our peers. Dave and I love teaching and mentoring in our photography workshops but when other wedding photographers hire us to shoot their weddings it really makes us feel great about what we do. We always put our heart and soul into our work and our life truly consists of eat, sleep, shoot – not because we have to but because we LOVE it!

winter engagement photo


When Bryan Caporicci and his fiance Allison (or Al as he affectionately calls her) stepped into our studio for the first time we hit it off immediately! Bryan is a wedding photographer and produces some gorgeous work. He is also a teacher and educator in the photography biz. He has this incredible sense of humour and kept us chuckling throughout the meeting.

engagement-photos-tilt and shift


Al is a classic beauty and has the sweetest personality. Al and I chatted all about her details and their wedding day, she is so sweet I could just talk to her all day about her wedding plans! When we started bouncing around ideas for the engagement shoot Dave mentioned that maybe a four seasons shoot would be cool and they were in! Even though winter time shoots are chillllly, the landscapes looks so amazing this time of year. We headed to Blue Mountain for the shoot – the same place Bryan had popped the question only weeks ago :). We walked around the resort and shot away. Even with the chilly winter weather we still had a fabulous time.


a terrifying experience!

The great thing about being friends with other photographers is that they always have their cameras with them, they looove to take photographs and they always need subjects! Bryan brought along his camera gear and grabbed some shots of Dave and I as we went from location to location. We loved the shots he took of us, they were amazing. We took a few warm up breaks along the way and defrosted with some yummy latte’s. Al was so cute and made a perfect cinnamon heart with her latte foam. Our day of shooting soon turned into a night shoot, thank goodness for video lights! Even with the drop in temperature we loved the ambiance of the twinkling lights in the distance, it was really beautiful and romantic. We love night shoots!

my favourite engagement photo from this shoot


When we wrapped we were pretty tired, but so satisfied with shoot. We had so much fun with these guys we really did lose track of time. Dave and I went back to our chalet and warmed up by the toasty fire with some hot chocolate. Our two little doggies curled up with us for an episode of Heroes. I guess that’s one of the great parts of winter, warming up by the fireplace after a fun day in the snow.



Stay tuned to the blog for part 2 of Bryan & Allison’s Four Seasons Shoot and YanYan & Clements Wonderful Winter Wedding!! Don’t forget to sign up for the Workshop… It’s nearly sold out!!!