Jessica & Faruk: Under my Umbrella

We were both so excited to do our first shoot with Jessica and Faruk. When they booked us to shoot the beautiful wedding they have planned at Graydon Hall next year we could not wait to get out with them for a practice round to prep them for the big day!! We were so pumped for their engagement shoot not only because they were bringing their overly cute and gangly puppy Harley, but because they really are a blast to hang out with. Jessica is bubbly, outgoing and absolutely hilarious!

She was giggling, smiling and entertaining us with her infectious laugh the whole shoot. Jessica’s finishing school and a soon to be a fabulous interior designer. I’m sure you could tell she has an impeccable eye for style. Everything coordinated beautifully from her black and white Coach wedges and Faruk’s striped dress shirt, the umbrella and lets not forget darling little Harley he was the inspiration after all 🙂 Faruk is a hard working Lawyer Downtown Toronto, he’s a super-cool guy and you can tell that he loves Jessica and little Harley very much. These two just kept us and each other in stitches the whole time.

We have to say at first we were thinking of canceling the shoot when we checked out the weather network. Rain, thunder, lightening… and sunny breaks (of course?!?). We decided to take our chances and make the wild weather our friend turning it into a rainy day themed shoot. I have to say that looking back we were extremely happy with the forecast in the end. I love the look of the brewing clouds and the way the sun beamed through the sky lighting all of the playful drops of rain . There is something beautiful and romantic about stealing a kiss under an umbrella in the rain… these two are such a perfect match and sooo hot for each other… Yowza!

This ones my fave shot of the day. Like our doggies, Harley looooves his free range chicken strips and will do ANYTHING for them! I was inviting him for a tasty treat while they held on for dear life and Dave shot away. Little Harley is pretty powerful even though he’s still a puppy he’s got a lot of “pull” in this family. You can tell by his leash he wanted that treat and had one thing on his mind, devouring the whole bag. He was such a good boy, we didn’t make him wait too long to gobble down a few scrumptious snacks.

Here’s another one of my faves. Dave should probably work part time as a stuntman with all of his daredevil moves he does on shoots. He pulled himself up and on to the roof of this charming life guard house to get this crazzzzy sweet ariel angle. I love how the water looks so tropical, who knew Toronto was so exotic?!

Since we were all getting a little peckish and we were already in the heart of the Beach, we grabbed an amazing dinner and a glass of vino at Nevada. We chatted about their wedding and all of the things they love to do together, like traveling and road trips while we ate dessert. They gave us advice on the hot spots and must sees in the States when Dave, Fritzy, Greta and I tour the U.S. this month. They really got us excited and we are sooo looking forward to cruisin’ America together and having a great vacation with our dogs. Thanks so much guys, it’s people like you that remind us… we LOVE what we do!!!