Nikki & Amit: Love in the Fast Lane

Sometimes when you meet new people you just click instantly and it really feels like you’ve known each other for a very long time. When Nikki and Amit first came by our studio to chat about their wedding day, we knew we had met an incredible couple we could not wait to photograph!

Dave and Amit chatted about business, SEO and all things techie. Nikki and I chatted about styling the shoot and all the fun things that go into it like…hair, make-up, wardrobe and of course shoes! When these two rolled up in their Porsche Carrera convertible they were dressed to the 9’s and looked absolutely fabulous dah-ling!

Awww…Nikki and Amit make such a cool couple and they’re so sweet together, we just love ’em!

We started off the engagement shoot at the University of Toronto Campus. All of the beautiful architecture and cobblestone roads make for a dreamy backdrop, no wonder they use it for so many movie sets. Check out Dave hangin’ out in the back of the Porsche… he’s always trying the sweetest angles!

How cool is that. It looks like their cruising along at 100 but I think they’re only doing 10 klicks. Wicked job honey, I do love this pic! I must admit I was a little squirmy watching you shoot this!…p.s. don’t try this one at home kids.

We hit the city streets of T.O. and cruised down to one of Nikki and Amit’s favourite spots and a place we love to shoot…Yorkville. There is so much to enjoy in this little Toronto hot spot. The shops, park, cafes and restaurants are always a great place to experience so we took full advantage of all Yorkville has to offer.

Even the sidewalks are grand and calling out to be photographed! We played around and took a few shots before we reached the park. We were honestly having so much fun shooting these guys it really just felt like we were out on the town with a couple of old friends! Dave grabbed this sweet shot while I was playing around with fun posing.

After a fun-filled hour of laughter and playfulness we hopped back in the cars for one last stop. Nikki and Amit being the amazing, awesome couple that they are had a surprise in store for us. They were taking us to one of Toronto’s most exclusive and delectable dining experinces, Blowfish. On our way to the restaurant, I popped the top to my convertible and Dave sat in the back seat (wearing his seat belt, of course ) so he could get some killer shots of these two in the fast lane!

We couldn’t think of a better end to a perfect day as we sipped Saki, ate Sushi and chatted with this adorable couple. Nikki’s engagement rings were so beautiful, we even got a chance to use our new macro lens. Thanks so much for everything guys and stay tuned to the blog for Nikki and Amit’s wedding day…coming soon!