Wedding & Portrait Photography Workshop Wrap Up

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Dave and I are thrilled to say that our June 1st Photography Workshop was a HUGE success!! We had an awesome class of amazing photographers from a variety of skill levels . We had along a great friend and fellow photographer Jaymz as a guest speaker. Jaymz is so great we love working with him whenever we get a chance so we were totally stoked to have him along. And last but not least Lyz Plant our Make-up Artist. We just love love love her work. Lyz works on Loreal Fashion week, was voted one of Canada’s most influential women (Mille Feme) and she’s doing Luminato downtown Toronto that runs to now till June 16th! We are so happy to have her on board!

The class was great, Dave taught them a little bit about the business side of photography, Jaymz taught them how to "see good light" and I taught them how to pose and posing models for photography. Oh! that reminds me, did I mention the MODELS?! Alex and Amanda were the best models we could have ever asked for. They both were experienced, had a great look and as you can see photograph very well!

After Lyz had finished their make-up we took the models and class out for a modern, urban engagement shoot. We couldn’t wait to get out there and start shooting!

Check out the shot Dave got of Jaymz below…what a great teacher!

Alex and Amanda really know how to work it…and they’re both super gorgeous so the workshop photos looked straight out of a magazine.

We brought the class back inside for refreshments to keep the creative juices flowing… and on to our next assignment…The 7 Minute Challenge! What’s that you ask? The participants individually take their camera, knowledge of the day’s class and the models, anywhere in the building. They have exactly 7 minutes to produce 3 "winning images" one of Alex, one of Amanda and one of both models together. Photographers in the "real world" are often under pressure to create amazing images in a limited time. We created a sense of urgency for the class to see what they’d come back with…stay tuned to the blog as we announce the winners of the challenge…I think you’ll be extremely impressed with everyone’s images!

We ended the day with a creative shoot with Alex and Amanda. Lyz and I styled the shoot. Amanda had such beautiful jet black hair and Alex had a 6… oops, I mean 8 pack (sorry Alex lol!) that Hercules would die for. Lyz and I thought hmmm.. how about a Cleopatra themed creative shoot! Dave set up the Ring Flash and backdrops, I grabbed the wardrobe, Jaymz chatted with the class and Lyz started working on the make-up!

Ya know, there comes a time in every make-up artists life when you have to go above and beyond in the call of duty. Lyz had the tedious task of being in charge of Alex’s oil application. Good job Lyz!

At the end of the day we all were tired but had a great feeling of success because everything went so well! We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. Thanks to everyone and keep checking back to the blog the winning images will be posted soon!!!