Baby Love

Ya know… it’s not until you’re in the presence of a sweet little new born baby like Lauren that you remember how amazing life really is. Those tiny little fingers and little toes, you really could get lost staring into her sparkling eyes all day. I felt so lucky to be honoured with the opportunity to photograph the cutest little angel on Earth.

Lauren’s Mommy and Daddy, Melissa and Sean are sooo in love with this darling baby girl. You can just feel the care and emotion they have for her. As we were getting set up for the shoot I had so many ideas running through my mind, making the decision was difficult. I had brought so many props and backdrops for Baby Laurens shoot, Dave joked that it looked like I packed my bags for a weekend getaway (I don’t get it???…I’m not known as a chronic over-packer am I??). As my creative thoughts were spinning, I thought I’d take a look in Lauren’s closet.

I can honestly say that I thought Paris Hilton had a lot of clothes until I met this baby fashionista and the closet was just as pink 🙂 It turns out the couples friends, family and co-workers were just as excited as Melissa and Sean for the arrival of Little Baby Lauren!! Coincidentally enough, Melissa is a Nurse on the Maternity Ward of the Hospital where they welcomed Baby Lauren into the World!!

I got started on the sets. Dave had this great idea that required fresh flowers so as Dave ran out for those Melissa asked me if I wanted to hold Little Lauren. It was so cool holding a little newborn like that again, it’s been a little while. Lauren held on to my finger so tight it was loosing circulation lol, she’s too cute! Melissa and I chatted about anything she might have in mind. She really wanted us to surprise her so we did our best to give her something really special.

I’ve always wanted to photograph a baby in with little white angel wings sitting on a soft cloud of feathers. Something magical and different from the ordinary. After we finished shooting with a few of the different back drops Dave arrived with the fresh flowers. Dave had this great idea "Baby of the Blossoms" Melissa LOVED it! We were all having a fab time, it was a lot of fun playing around with all of our ideas and being creative!

Daddy Sean soon arrived home, he’s in school to become an Orthodontist so it looks like the little family has the health care industry covered! I was excited to get the family all together and capture some beautiful shots of them. I know in a couple of years they will look back and be happy they took the time to photograph Lauren at this age. Babies grow up sooo fast you don’t want to lose a moment, it really makes you see how important it is to capture the memories before they’re gone.