Our Philosophy

We believe that life is an absolute gift. To be here on this Earth, to share in heartfelt relationships, to love, to give – to be loved. As artists, we understand the importance of the moments we photograph and that they hold so much meaning now and years to come. It’s our privilege to be invited into your life, to document your unique connection with the people you keep close to your heart.

Our clients grow in their love for one another because of the photography experience we share with them. To us, photography is much less about the camera and much more about the relationship our clients have together. To have an opportunity to hold and caress one another during your engagement session or a moment away to soak it all in on your wedding day can be something that is passed over. Through this journey with us, you will surely discover new ways to express your affections and reflect on this incredible time in your lives.

Thinking Green
Our business is a green business. We set out to minimize our environmental impact in all aspects of our company. Whether we’re at home in Toronto or travelling the globe on assignment, we always offset our carbon emissions. A simple way that we’ve been able to greatly reduce our environmental impact is by using local suppliers for our albums, canvases, prints and equipment and running on Bullfrog Power!