Hiring Us & Pricing Info

The people who choose us as their wedding photographers are usually easy going, personable and fun. They are able to trust our vision as photographers, feel comfortable around us, and laugh with/at us. Our clients usually turn into friends and can often be found sharing a BBQ on our back patio.

Charlotte and I love photographing weddings together – that not only means that we are able to capture your wedding from two unique points of view, but we also are able to anticipate your day from both a male and female point of view and advise you on many aspects of your wedding to help everything run more smoothly.

We always prefer to include an engagement session with our client’s packages because we know what a great time our couples have with it, and the value those images will have in years to come. Not only that, it’s also a great way to get comfortable being photographed and we’ll find out more about the connection you share.

Because each wedding we photograph is so unique we would love to customize a quote just for you once we’ve discussed your need.

Please use our contact page to get in touch and we look forward to speaking with you soon.