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Daniel + Liora’s Miller Lash Wedding

I’m so honoured to share this blog post with you. I’m so blessed to have clients like Liora & Daniel – who’s incredible wedding at Miller Lash House was literally picture perfect. Just 3 days after their wedding I received the following wonderful note from them and would like to share it with you…


When we booked you for our wedding almost a year ago, we knew that we had just made the best decision that we would make in the entire planning process. We saw from your portfolio that you would be able to capture the details and moments that we would likely otherwise forget in the years to come.

Throughout the months leading up to Sunday, you kept us organized and on track, offering helpful advice and went above and beyond what we expected of a photographer.

You arrived ready and inspired, you were immediately liked by everyone in our bridal party and families and we happily handed you our trust.

What we both describe as the center of our day, was the moment we spent with you away from the rush of it all, eyes closed and hearts full, where you allowed us to come back to each other in a very special way.

Thank you for being a friend on the day, for your tireless work and for adding a heightened awareness of scent, touch and light.

We patiently await the photos and the moment of re-living it all again.

Liora and Daniel

The day began with amazing energy. The girls all arrived at Miller Lash House with hair and makeup done, ready to help Liora with her finishing touches.

I’m sure you’ll agree Liora looked absolutely incredible in her gown… and what a gorgeous group of bridesmaids/men 🙂

I love catching candid moments like this one.. as well as portraits with a lot of fun and natural energy.

Outside the lads were enjoying the fresh and and a couple of swigs from their hip flasks. A bunch of cool cats eh?

In the Jewish culture the couple meet prior to the wedding ceremony to sign a katuba, receive words of advice and blessing from close friends and family and put the veil over the bride’s face. It’s always a wonderful event in the day and full of wonderful expressions of love.

After a short break the guests all arrived and the ceremony was due to begin. Miller Lash House has an incredible energy. The house sits atop a hill with a lush east facing lawn which provides the most incredible light for the wedding ceremony. It was a lovely moment to see Liora being walked down the aisle by her mum and dad.

I love the amazing angle of the sun during their ceremony under the Chuppah. Just beautiful!

The talis Daniel’s weathering here is the very same one he wore for his BarMitzvah. I love the symbolizm this represents – from Daniel becoming a man to now becoming a husband.

The space and energy on the grounds of Miller Lash House are incredible. It feels like your far out in the Muskokas somewhere even though your right in the GTA!

A cute shoe shot…

The lighting in the reception marquee at MLH is epic… So nice when the level of care is put into every detail of the day. Notice the yellow billy balls in the bride’s boquet? Those were flown in specifically from New Zealand!! Cool right?!

What a gorgeous -and delicious – cake.

More wonderful cocktail hour details… Love these straws.

A wonderful hug as Liora and Daniel entered the reception for the first time.

As is the tradition, the family and friends surrounded the newlyweds to dance the Hora and celebrate!!! Great way to kick off the party right?!

For the father & daughter dance Liora surprised her dad with a Hebrew lullaby that he used to sing to her in Israel. Very sweet.

The first dance was very romantic and a lovely start the dance floor opening.

Isn’t the ceiling of the tent just gorgeous?! I love the colours.

As family and friends danced the night away the bride and groom snuck away for a stolen moment together. What a sweet couple.

Thanks for the amazing day guys – I absolutely loved being there to celebrate with you. Dave.

Paul & Julie’s Berkeley Church Wedding Photography

Last summer, Dave and I had a fabulous time photographing Jay and Audrey’s gorgeous Muskoka wedding. We honestly didn’t think the night could get any better… We had a chance to catch up with Megan and Shaun, our friends and former bride and groom of ours, they actually referred Audrey and Jay to us 🙂 We were so excited when guests, Julie and Paul asked us if they could book a meeting with us to discuss their big day. They said that they were so impressed by watching us work that they couldn’t imagine any one else shooting their day! Wow, that type of flattery goes a long way with us and we got them in that week for a meeting. We just love couples like Julie and Paul, they have to be some of the nicest people out there and we really wanted to capture their love to the very best of our abilities!

The great thing about having two principle shooters on your wedding day is that during the preparations one photographer can go with the bride and one with the groom. Dave and I love the fact that we can split up and really cover both sides of the wedding day. We love to provide our clients with all of the beautiful photojournalism that happens at our weddings!

Dave was photographing the guys when he caught this beautiful little moment. I just love the way Paul’s mom is looking lovingly at her son while he’s waiting for Julie to arrive. Look at the anticipation everyone is feeling!

Such a stunning bride. I loved Julie’s dress, she looked so elegant in her lace, halter wedding gown.

Such a cute family! They were all elated to be sharing this big day together!

After a beautiful ceremony Paul and Julie were announced man and wife!! On such a chilly January day, I think it warmed everyone’s heart to see them so happy together!

Our first stop was Nathan Phillips Square for a romantic skate around the ice. CP24, City Pulse was there covering the winter time fun. It was so cool that Gurdeep Ahluwalia asked them for an interview! They Must have been so excited to be on T.V. so soon after being married!

Dave had some fun with the groomsmen when he got down on the ice and directed this sweet shot! Thank goodness these guys can stop on a dime!

January weddings, although beautiful, can be chilly and this one was no exception. Paul and Julie were such troopers while we took them around downtown Toronto for their photography session.  We grabbed these last few shots as the sun started going down, too much fun, we love winter weddings!

It was nice and toasty at the Berkeley Church when we arrived. The setting was simply stunning with roaring fireplaces, incredible centerpieces and the soft light of candles that made the already inviting venue that much cozier.

One thing that Dave and I are seriously considering is having a live band for our wedding. We absolutely love the vibe and the high energy that an amazing band has to offer. Julie and Paul had the talented Fred Hale Band play for their reception! They were a great choice and we’ve shot a few weddings with them now. They always get the party hopping and everyone hits the dance floor in celebration. Gotta love that!

Do you recognize this gorgeous duo!! Yes, it’s Audrey and Jay our awesome couple from last summer at the fabulous Taboo resort in Muskoka! It was so nice seeing you both again, we love you guys 🙂

My sister Tricia is getting married at the Berkeley Church next July. I instantly fell in love with the blue arch that frames the bride and groom while they dance.  How magical does that look?! We’ll definitely have to get the same awesome lighting for her special day!

It was a really fun and casual vibe to their reception. Everyone had a good time, we loved how Julie and Paul gave their speech on the stage, so relaxed and genuine.

After the father/daughter dance, Dave and I stole our couple away for the last few shots of them together. We love the Berkeley Church for all of it’s romantic nooks and corners hidden away.

I love this spot and this chandelier. The textures, the brick and just the feeling of this room are so incredible. Did you know that Coldplay held a secret concert in Toronto at the Berkeley Church?! Chris Martin, the lead singer, actually had a photo shoot in this very room. Pretty cool spot to take a few romantic wedding photos huh?!

Thanks so much to Julie and Paul for being so amazing to us on your wedding day! We really had a great time with you and your great friends and family. Congratulations guys and we wish you a fantastic future together!!

Sonia & Khiem’s Stunning Chinese Wedding

I’m sure you’re all aware that there has been a lot of rain this Summer! It seems like every other weekend has had rain. For some, this has been a bit of a negative when it comes to wedding photography, but for us, we love the challenge and a chance to make use of the amazing window light that always happens during inclement weather. Shooting through the rain can look amazing if the bride and groom are brave and don’t mind a bit of wedding day rain.

02-the bride and groom at an old school house in mississauga

We started out the photo shoot at an old school house in Mississauga, which made for incredible pictures. Sonia looked incredible and Khiem wasn’t too shabby either 😉 I really love the shots Charlotte and I took through the rain from across the driveway. Two of the groomsmen were good enough to hold big golf umbrellas over us. You can see Charlotte was getting the wide angle image which I was shooting tight with the 70-200mm lens.

04-bride and groom kissing through the rain

05-a stunning chinese bride in an old toronto schoolhouse

06-chinese wedding photogrpahy toronto

01-an awesome antique ring photo

You may remember Sonia and Khiem’s Engagement Photos in High Park.. we had a great time together, wandering through the park, stopping here and there to take some more pictures. We had a great time and one shot in particular that Charlotte came up with, but had me execute (because it involved climbing up into a cherry tree!) was the image they chose for the canvas that was on display at their reception… Isn’t it an awesome shot?

birds eye view engagement photo toronto

We arrived at the wedding & reception venue in Markham, and proceeded with the family photos. I had to share this shot with you all… isn’t this just the cutest little girl on the planet?!!

09-possibly the worlds cutest little girl

Their ceremony was wonderful. Full of fun, lighthearted laughter and lots of love.

00A-Chinese bride is walked down the aisle by her father

00B-Chinese wedding ceremony in markham

12-the first kiss

12A-the bride and groom hanging out at their markham reception

Sonia and Khiem’s entrance was nothing short of hilarious… their entire wedding party ran through a long corridor of people giving high fives.. then when the bride and groom made their entrance, Khiem broke out the phantom camera and snapped away at his beautiful bride with the wedding party!

13-chinese wedding pary ham it up during their entrance

12B-sonia and kheim make their big reception entrance

Sonia and Khiem are environmentally aware and chose to have locally grown flowers for their event, as well as offsetting the carbon emissions from their wedding by sponsoring the event with bullfrog power… incidentally, if you’d like to bullfrog your home, you can save $25 by using our promo code DAVE5412.

14-sonia and kheim cut their wedding cake

Alvin & Erin’s Beautiful Wedding


In case you haven’t noticed Dave and I are shooting A-LOT of weddings this year! There is only the two of us but this year we’re quickly approaching the 50 mark for 2009 bookings. I guess you could say we’re taking on all of these bookings because we’re mildly obsessed with shooting weddings… in a healthy way of course;) We were chatting the other day about maybe limiting the number of weddings we shoot to only one per weekend but then, actually started feeling a bit sad with just the thought of it all. Was it because of all of the fun we get to have being a part of so many weddings, or capturing the unique moments of true emotion for our couples that only happen on their wedding day, or just because we become good friends with all of the clients we photograph.


Whatever it is, I don’t see us turning people away for free wedding dates any time soon. We also have an amazing editor Stacey which we adore and she helps our work flow to keep rockin’ . We just LOVE shooting weddings way too much, and here’s why…


We shot a three day weekend when we had the honour to be a part of Alvin and Erin’s wedding day and I don’t think we would have missed it for the world. I absolutely love this shot of Alvin, it makes me tear up just looking at it. He can barely hold back his emotion as he sees Erin for the first time. What a sweet and honest moment that they will always get to remember because it was captured in a photograph.




What a gorgeous church and ceremony. Erin looked so elegant in her silk fit to flare gown.




Such a happy couple!! What a rush they must have felt walking down the aisle with their friends and family cheering them on! They were just glowing after they said “I do”.



Ahhh, I love this shot Dave captured below. Alvin gives Erin a gentle kiss on her shoulder as they leave the church together.


Here’s one of my personal favourites from the bridal shoot we photographed in downtown Toronto. I posed Erin up so this tiny strip of light would illuminate her face while Alvin went in for a little kiss and voila, pure wedding day magic!!


I would not want to mess with this smokin’ bridal party!! Lookin’ bad @$$ guys!



We were setting the groomsmen up for a “proper” shot and these guys couldn’t help to joke around and have a few laughs. They seriously had to have been the funniest groomsmen we’ve had the pleasure to shoot in a while. It was like hanging around with traveling band of comedians all day!!


If you look up the meaning of “foxy” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’d see this picture below. Great job girls!!


We had some fun with the shadows as the groomsmen lit up some wedding day stogies in celebration.


Before heading to the reception, we made a stop at one of Toronto’s most well known landmarks, The Gladstone Hotel. The Gladstone has to be one of the best hotels in Toronto. We love the artistic style and design of the rooms and they have such a cool take their hotel.


Erin and Alvin cruised the streets in style on their wedding day. Check out their ride, what a gorgeous Bentley!



I don’t think you’ll find prouder parents out there than these. If there’s one thing for sure they adore their children!





Alvin and Erin’s reception took place at the Old Mill, here in Toronto. They had a stunning wedding reception that was so much fun for their friends and family.


I love these first dance shots. It’s like you can feel the strong connection these two have for one another.



Remember Alvin and Erin’s tea ceremony we blogged about a couple of days ago… well the fun and games didn’t end there. Dave and I were so shocked that these shots actually turned out because we were laughing so hard. No Chinese wedding would be complete with out some fun and games to entertain the guests! Erin had to feel each of the groomsman’s behinds to guess which one was her new husband… It was a difficult task (mainly because Alvin switched his spot a couple of times, hehe) but she got it right in the end!!



Check out this groomsman’s expression, lol, hysterical!!



This wedding was full of entertainment and fun. We even had one cool lookin’ guest come up and work some of his Michael Jackson dance moves for us all!! I think Simon would agree that he’s definitely got the “X” Factor!




I know this is a long post, we had such a difficult time narrowing it down with so many awesome images to choose from, but here is a few more of our faves 🙂 I love this shot of Alvin joyfully looking on as Erin and her dad enjoy their father/daughter dance together. You can see that Alvin has soo much love for Erin. What a sweet couple.


Thanks to everyone that made our photography experience so memorable. We absolutely had the time of our life shooting this wedding and we wish Alvin and Erin all the very best and a future filled with joy and love! Congratulations you two!!


Pam & Ian’s Wedding, The Toronto School of Circus Arts

Every now and then someone will ask Dave and I “Who will shoot your wedding?” We usually reply “Hmmm, we just planned on shooting it ourselves, what else would we do… wink, wink!” As much fun as it could be, we just won’t be able to be the photographers on our wedding day! If there is one thing for sure, our standards are pretty high in the wedding photo department. We’ll certainly have a hard time choosing between the amazing wedding photographers we have in mind. I guess some of the same feelings went for Pam and Ian when it came to their wedding. Pam is an absolutely incredible wedding planner that was based out of London, England. When they were planning their wedding here in Toronto, the couple knew they had some amazing ideas but would need some assistance to bring them to life. Currie Ross was their wedding planner/eyes and ears here Toronto while they were living in London and Currie put us in touch with bride and groom to be.

02-a great ring photo by charlotte

As we chatted with Currie about the the amazing Jewish wedding that was planned it almost felt like we had slipped out of reality for a moment. This was by far the most original and unique wedding we had heard of yet. We were captivated by all of the ethereal and spectacular plans for the event. Keep reading you’ll see what I mean!

01-the lads waiting for the day to kick off

An intimate wedding ceremony took place in Pam and Ian’s beautiful home. The garden was filled with music, champagne the chit chat of friends and family. A tent shaded the guests from the sun and the gorgeous chuppah made of floral arrangements greeted the bride and groom at the end of the aisle. When I was told about the tradition of the chuppah I thought it was so lovely and meaningful… It signifies that both bride and groom are joining as one under the same roof.

03-the rabi getting ready to sign the

Pam and Ian are always keeping each other laughing and full of smiles. You can see the joy and emotion they felt during their wedding vows. Weddings are such a wonderful time in peoples lives, we’re so happy that it’s our job to document all of these joyful moments!

04-a jewish custom-where the bride circles the groom 7 times

06-guest watch on as the couple stand under the chuppah

07-a great photojournalism shot of the rabbi, bride and groom in the chuppah

No Jewish wedding would be complete with out the traditional breaking of the glass!! Mazel tov!!

08-the jewish wedding ritual of breaking the glass

09-a laugh shared between the bride and groom

Isn’t this such a cute shot, Pam trying to find her way out of the veil for their kiss. You can see how much fun they were having, what a great couple!

10-the pivital moment right before the bride and groom kiss

11-the groom having a laugh atop the chair

As friends and family enjoyed wedding day Hors’ Dourves, pastries, crepes, cakes, and many other delectable treats, we stole the newlyweds away for a few quick shots. You can see they are still glowing from the excitement from the ceremony.

12-happily married

16-champagne glasses

12B-what a stunning wedding dress and veil

15-wedding day details

The intimate garden ceremony was full of gorgeous wedding day details. You could tell that every floral arrangement was designed with finesse and care.

13-hor derves and wedding day details

14-sushi at the reception

At last, the grand wedding reception! The next day, celebrations continued at The Toronto School of Circus Arts. The plan for the evening was unlike anything we could ever dream of. Full of excitement, entertainment and surprise!

17-toronto circus performers at the reception

The event had three national themes… Canadian, British and South African. It was nice to see the marriage between the three countries designed into one opulent wedding reception. Pam and Ian now live in Canada, but lived in London and fell in love with the city and being South African by birth wanted to incorporate their roots. What an amazing idea, and it was incredible how they brought it all together.

18-table decor at the wedding reception

18B-sulu warriors stand guard

19-family photo

Acrobats swung from the ceiling offering Champagne to the guests below.

39-circus performers set off a wonderful evening

20-breaking bread

So much entertainment and so much for the senses! Take a look at the British themed room on the left… Can you believe performers were bathing in bath tubs of chocolate, how cool is that!?!

21-the amazing english themed room setup

I love the wedding cake design as well. Each tier had the wedding theme incorporated. Canadian, British and South African… I love the darling little elephant on the bottom tier :).

22-the live band and the awesome LOVE logos

Remember what I was saying about details… Check out the “LOVE” podiums!

34-a glowing reception with amazing event design

23-the dance floor opens

The night was filled with live music, dancing and performances. What a spectacular event!

24-the energy of the dance floor

Pure wedding day bliss, I love this shot of Pam having the time of her life on her wedding day. That’s how it should be for every bride!

25-the gladdening of the bride

Pam and Ian look so happy and in love as they listened to the wedding speeches together. You can see the emotion in their eyes. So sweet.

26-a sweet moment shared between the newly weds

28-the kids perform for their parents

29-the boys are rockin it

The kids performances got a giggle out of mom and dad, so cute!

27-the best medicine

30-proud mum and gorgeous bride

42-the bride gives a speech

35-jazz hands

32-what a sweet look on the grooms face during the first dance

What a way to celebrate the love of marriage, life, friends and family. They really blew us away, what an evening!

33-the bride having a good laugh

36-two dancers performing a dramatic ballet

37-male and femail ballet dancers

38-ballet dancers

Here’s to Pam and Ian for one fantastic wedding and reception. So much love, laughter and fun! We want to wish you both the very best and enjoy this amazing new chapter in your lives. A very special thanks to Claudia Hung for her help with the wedding reception, great work Claudia!

40-having a ball

Toni & Owen’s Garden Wedding at The Old Mill

This past weekend, Charlotte and I had the pleasure of photographing the refined, relaxed garden wedding of Toni and Owen. It was a casual affair, with perfect weather for such an occasion… gentle breezes and light scattered cloud cover to soften the light. Because Toni and Owen are such extensive travelers, their friends and family flew in from all over the world – LA, London, Chicago, Florida and elsewhere.

Charlotte arrived in the bridal suite to find Toni having the finishing touches done to her hair and makeup. I love this series of images shot through the bathroom door. The flourished wallpaper and guilded frame set the scene perfectly with that amazing halter gown Toni was wearing.

01-bride having her hairpiece put in

02-one of the best photos of the day looking in the mirror

03-bride is overwhelmed as she looked at herself in the mirror

forget a ring pillow, this is awesome

04-walkind down the aisle with her dad

Toni’s father, Early reminded both of us of Richard Gere… he even had the charming personality to boot. Don’t they look great walking down the aisle!?

05-father of the bride gives away his daughter

The ceremony took place at the Old Mill in Toronto. While we’ve photographed many many weddings there over the years, this was our first time shooting a ceremony in the Wedding Garden.

06-toni and owen probably the coolest couple ever

07-the old mill in toronto looking amazing

08-the look of love

09-a garden wedding at the old mill

After the ceremony we had some fun shooting them in Owen’s classic car. How sweet is this shot of Charlotte’s?!

10-cruising in a classic car

We took some nice relaxed candid photographs as we wandered up to their reception in the Garden Room. Again, we’ve shot many weddings at The Old Mill, but this was our first time photographing this room… and it was a real pleasure. The natural light was streaming through the windows, allowing Toni’s carefully planned wedding details be enjoyed by all.

11-kissing on the stairs, old mill toronto

12-wedding reception in the garden room at torontos old mill

As you can see, Toni has an incredible knack for event design. She runs a small wedding planning company which operates by referral only, so if you’re interested, give us a call and we’ll connect you with her.

13-just some of the awesome details at the reception

wedding favours

awesome hors d'oeuvres and the wishing trees

As the sun began to set, we took a few more photos of the wedding party and stayed until the sun had set to capture the ambiance of the evening… don’t these hanging lights look incredible? Charlotte and I are sure to incorporate these into our reception.

the gorgeous event design in the garden room

our stunning bride in the garden room at torontos old mill

Toni and Owen – Thank you sincerely for inviting us to be part of your special day. We had a wonderful time with you both and wish you all the very best in your married life together.

our gorgeous wedding party in a casual pose

some of the best outdoor wedding decor weve seen this year