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Al & Evelyn’s Engagement Session at the Bluffs


Charlotte and I are excited to be photographing the wedding of Evelyn and Alain this evening at Miller Lash House. We did their engagement pictures earlier this week after they’d arrived in town from Edmonton.

We enjoyed a couple of hours relaxing together, checking out some of the local landmarks before heading down to Bluffers Park for a splash in the water.

They’ve opted to have a Same Day Slideshow at their wedding tonight, which is always an amazing gift to themselves and their guests… So we thought we’d pop a couple of the engagement images in at the start.

Very much looking forward to seeing you guys in a few hours!










Dave & Christina at the Brickworks


Every engagement session is different. We believe it should be as unique as the couples we photograph.

As we meet with a couple and discover where they are on their journey together we are able to participate in that journey – albeit briefly. We love giving our soon to be married couples a few hours of stillness amidst all the chaos that comes with planning a wedding. Priceless uninterrupted time to just be- together.

Dave and Christina were married this past weekend – it was a wonderful day, with the rain holding off until 10 minutes after the reception began. The universe couldn’t have planned it better for this sweet couple. We’ll definitely blog the wedding images soon too 🙂




On Monday we got together to create a set of engagement pictures. They had only just arrived in Toronto as Dave finished his semester of medical school on the gorgeous tropical island of Saba. We met up at the Brickworks for the shoot and they began an evening of just being together. The shoot was relaxed, casual and full of candid moments.

As two busy people planning a wedding ourselves, it’s easy to see that life can get ahead of you fast. Before you know it, there hasn’t been a slow time where you’ve had the chance to hold, caress and even look into the eyes of your partner. Do you know what I’m talking about?

While I can’t speak for Dave and Christina, I got the distinct feeling that with only days to go before their wedding, having the chance to really breath one another in… to hold each other, to laugh together and to just have an excuse to be together was just what the doctor ordered.



After a stroll among the ponds that hide behind the famous brickworks, we jumped into our cars and drove downtown to Toronto’s Kensington Market – where Dave and Christina first fell in love. You see, Dave decided to make a good impression on his first date, he wanted to cook an amazingly delicious meal for Christina. So they headed down to Kensington and shopped for fresh produce to cook up a storm. Evidently, it worked well!





Thanks so much for letting us be a part of such an important and special time in your lives. Photos from Dave and Christina’s gorgeous wedding in the Rosewater Room at the Rosewater Supper Club will be posted soon!

Oakville Engagement Session

Awwww, Rachel and Sonny, the best couple ever and so in love! They’re the couple that scored the coveted July 18th date so many couples were after. We must have had 20 inquires for their wedding date. When Rachel came by our studio last year to chat about their wedding plans we asked her to tell us about Sonny since he was away working at the time. Her face just lit up when she began to speak about him. You could see he truly was her prince charming and for good reason!!

Engagement Photos Oakville02

Engagement Photos Oakville03

Rachel and Sonny met in a very serendipitous manner. Rachel, a nurse in Oakville was enjoying her lunch when a handsome doctor from the I.C.U got down on one knee beside her. It seemed she had dropped her napkin and the charming gentleman was coming to her rescue… It’s better than any romance novel I’ve ever read and it’s how they first met and soon after fell in love 🙂

Engagement Photos Oakville04

I think Sonny officially wins Most Romantic Proposal of the Year. Wait till you hear how he he did it… Rachel really, really loved this gorgeous photograph she had of an oak tree in Central Park by photographer Ralf Uicker. She would mention how it always brought a feeling of peace and serenity whenever she looked at it. Sonny loved how the photograph made Rachel feel and really wanted a way to bring her closer to the image she felt such a connection with.

Engagement Photos Oakville01

Engagement Photos Oakville05

One day Sonny took Rachel to New York City and they went for a leisurely stroll in Central Park. They somehow came across the same tree in the photograph that Rachel had always loved and held close to her heart. Sonny got down on one knee (this time for real) and asked beautiful Rachel to make him the happiest man on earth and become his forever.

Engagement Photos Oakville06

Ok, now I need a napkin… sniff, sniff…

Engagement Photos Oakville07

Now for the most romantic part of their story. Sonny tracked down the photographer, Ralf Uicker in New York City and asked if he could buy the camera that took that meaningful photograph. Ralf was kind enough to autograph and sell the camera to Sonny so that he could give it to Rachel as an engagement gift. Dave and I are so honoured to be photographing a portion of their wedding with the this very camera (the Plaubel Makina W67).

Engagement Photos Oakville09

What a beautiful love story for a truly amazing couple. We can’t wait to be there to photograph your wedding Saturday!

Josh & Amanda : Love in the Greek Islands



It’s been about a week or so since we last blogged… We seriously have to get a full time blogger on staff lol, especially since we have well over 40 weddings booked for 2009 (no joke!!!) The summer heat is HERE!! We are super stoked to shoot all of the AWESOME weddings we have lined up. We have so many amazing couples that we’re photographing and we’ve become really great friends with them all along the way, it’s sooo much fun, we honestly have the best job in the world. In ’08 when we started booking up fast and we thought… hmmmm, we better pop a VaCa in here somewhere or we’re gonna get cranky!


Europe was the first thought that came to our mind… beautiful architecture, gorgeous scenery, amazing food and the romance… Oh la la! We really wanted to meet up with friends Jerry & Georgie Ghionis and take part in the AWESOME Paris photography workshop Jerry was running in France. We were so lucky to be invited along as models and get some incredible shots of us in front of the Eiffle Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, and the quaint and romantic streets of Montmartre (where the movie Amelie was made). To have them all taken by the Master Jerry Ghionis… what more could you ask for??! After our incredible time in Paris, we hopped on a plane to Athens and missed our ferry to the Greek Islands by literally 15 minutes… COME ON!!! Don’t feel too sad for us, we had the most mouth watering-ly delicious meal when we were stuck there for the night. We had never felt our taste buds dance like that before, pure heaven! Greek food is insanely good… yum! The next morning at 7am, we were on the high speed ferry to Naxos… Yeah baby!


No one, not even us, travels more than my little sister Tricia. Right now as we speak, she and her boyfriend Kris are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, this after camping out in the African jungle for 2 weeks, talk about adventure seekers… sorry guys, lions and tigers and bears… eeek not my cup of tea, lol!!! Anyways… when she recommended to us that we hit up Naxos in the Greek Islands, she knew what she was talking about 🙂 What a dreamy perfect piece of paradise!! The great thing about Naxos is that it has all of beautiful scenery, great culture, ancient ruins, and the beauty and charm of the Greek Islands but not quite as busy with tourists in the summer months.


When Dave and I arrived into Naxos, we fell in love with the island in an instant. We couldn’t believe how incredibly nice all of the people were, so genuinely sweet and generous. I seriously want to move there, or at least visit every year for the rest of my life.


The day after arriving, Dave and I wanted to get out and explore the island. We rented the cutest little lime green convertible (I can’t remember the name, it looked like a VW beetle sort of) and cruised around. We went into the villages and got lost in the winding hills of the island. We saw the most gorgeous white and blue churches that popped against the royal blue sky. The drive through the country-side was so mesmerizing, and the panoramic view of the town and Mediterranean Sea was a feast for the eyes.


We headed into the little village of Mino for lunch. We walked around for a bit checking out the small shops and cafes. We were drawn to a little restaurant in the town with the most appealing dishes. Dave noticed a family sitting across from us trying to take one of those self portrait/family shots we always see people doing lol!! Being the sweetie that Dave is, he offered to take a shot of them after they enjoyed their fantastic lunch. Once we started chatting, we realized we were talking to Aussies. It was so nice for Dave to chat with a few Australians again, it made him feel like he was at home, well for a few minutes anyway.


We found that Josh and Amanda, like us, were enjoying the Greek Islands for a little vacation time as well and we got the itch to do a couples shoot with the beauty of Greece as our backdrop.


I love the Panorama we set up at sunset… The sky turned purple and pink, just breath-taking!

Fashion Photography in Water05

After the sun went down for the day we set up some lights and Amanda and Josh took a dip in the warm sea water for a few shots!

Fashion Photography in Water02

I love the texture of the sand and the way the turquoise water looks when it’s lit, Cool huh??!?

Fashion Photography in Water01

Fashion Photography in Water07

I love this last shot below so much, super sexy! Great work guys, your such a gorgeous couple and we had a blast photographing you. Hope you both enjoyed your time away in Naxos and Santorini!!

Fashion Photography in Water06

A Beachin’ Time

engagement-pictures-05-the beaches lifegaurd station

Us photographers are pretty spoiled here in Toronto. We have such a variety of shooting locations to choose from. No wonder so many out-of-towners head to the city of T.O. to snap shots of their clients in love. With the big city lights, art galleries, universities, awesome cultural neighbourhoods and of course the Beach, the possibilities are endless. Nina and Igor – cool wedding photographers from Oakville, knew what they were looking for when it came to their engagement session and it was right here at the Beach!

engagement-pictures-01-sitting on a boat

We’re always so flattered when our fellow wedding photographers hire us to document their special day. It’s such an honour when our peers admire our work enough to choose us for such an important event in their lives!

engagement-pictures-02-dramatic wide angle of the ocean

As we chatted about their engagement session we we’re all pretty set on shooting in the relaxed and trendy neighbourhood of “the Beach”. We were drawn by all of the funky little shops, painted alleyways and of course the rolling waves.

engagement-pictures-03-kissing on the beach

We drove through scattered showers with fingers crossed that the drizzly weather would clear. Lucky for us the rain, rain went away and we got to have a lot of fun with these guys! We started the shoot in the early evening by Leuty Lifeguard Station on Kew Beach and let these two crazy kids frolic by the waves. I think this sea gull wanted to keep a close eye on the situation because he kept circling Nina & Igor while helping with our beachy theme 🙂

engagement-pictures-04-picked up and swinging around

engagement-pictures-walking on the rockwall at the beach in toronto

Once the sun set, we hit the streets for a little night shooting… My fave!!! Dave found this cool little alleyway with green, purple and yellow paint which coincidentally went perfectly with Nina & Igor’s gear! Dave actually scaled the walls to hold the video light for me on this one… You’re the best Spidey, I mean babe :).

engagement-pictures-sexy fashion shots in an alleyway

I absolutely LOVE these shots Dave grabbed in the street. Especially the picture he caught as the streetcar went by… Ahhh, I’d love a shot of us like that… any offers?? 😉

engagement-pictures-standing on the streetcar tram tracks in toronto

Ohhh, I remember when we took this one. We were all drooling because we shot it right beside the most amazingly yummy smelling Italian Restaurant, it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

engagement-pictures-taken under red light

Thanks for giving us a great excuse to hit the Beach and for the AWESOME eshoot guys, we really had a blast with you both! We’re sooo looking forward to photographing your wedding this year- Can’t wait!

One Haute Engagement Session

high fashion engagement pictures toronto006

Wow, this was one smokin’ hot shoot! And what a stunning couple, meet Simon & Noel! While planning their engagement session, they mentioned that they’d love to have a high fashion vibe to the shoot to really give their images drama and elegance. With three wardrobe changes and some of the most beautiful gowns I’ve ever seen you can see how putting that little extra into styling the engagement shoot really does wonders! Honestly, with the gorgeous and style savvy couples who hire us, Dave and I should really open up a modeling agency ;).

high fashion engagement pictures toronto 004

Many of our recent couples have asked to shoot at the Berkeley Church. I guess they’ve been checking out our blog and all of the great wedding photography workshop photos we’ve taken there. Like us, they think it’s one of Toronto’s best photography locations! As you can see from this shoot we managed to get a totally different look to the shoot from Sara & Hami’s engagement pictures. There are just so many options… My goodness, I do love the Berkeley Church :).

engagement pictures toronto berkeley church 002

These guys were so fierce, the pic above could easily be used in a Chanel ad! What a dress. Noel, I must know where you got that turquoise number, absolutely stunning!

engagement pictures toronto005

Oh, how awesome are Noel’s shoes, all of you shoe addicts out there know what I’m taking about… Christian Louboutin… Helllloooo!!! I am totally hitting up the Louboutin boutique when we go to Paris next week! Louboutin shoes, with their trademark red sole, are as desirable as they come. I’m pretty sure it’s an essential destination for any fashionista in Paris. I don’t know if Dave will actually let me through the doors with my credit card but looking is free, right!?!

engagement pictures toronto007

Wow, another jaw-dropper! Love this one below, it’s just fabulous. You can tell Simon loves Noel sooo much I couldn’t believe how he proposed. Talk about popping the question… Simon and Noel had their first date down by the docks on Polson st, here in Toronto. When he asked Noel to be his wife he wanted to bring an element of their first date into the proposal. Simon arranged for a Helicopter to drop them at the helipad at the end of Polson street and a limo drive to a private table he had arranged on the beach. Awaiting their arrival was a 5 star chef with a fabulous meal for the occasion. Oh no, wait, it gets better! After the private dinner for two on the beach, Simon took Noel home for a surprise engagement party with all of their friends and loved ones waiting to celebrate the next chapter of their lives together! Wowza, good work Simon, now that’s a proposal!!!

high fashion engagement pictures toronto008

engagement pictures toronto001

engagement pictures toronto's distillery 009

Our high fashion engagement shoot wrapped over a cup of coffee in Toronto’s Distillery District. Thanks guys for another fab shoot at the Berkeley Church! Congrats to you both, you make an amazing couple!

engagement pictures toronto distillery 003