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Andy & Lauren’s Engagement Pictures in Toronto

I love doing engagement pictures… Yesterday I headed out with Andy & Lauren – a couple who recently booked us to photograph they wedding next Summer.

As soon as these two walked into our studio to meet us we knew they were going to be a LOT of fun to photograph… We were pleased to find out they found us after seeing Charlotte’s sister Tricia’s wedding pictures on Facebook!

For the engagement shoot I thought it’d be fun to bring in not only what was left of the Fall colours, but some of Toronto’s cooler and colourful buildings. We started the shoot down in The Toronto Exhibition Centre, then headed into The Liberty Village, finishing up in one of our favourite spots in Toronto, Queens St W.

Isn’t the wall in the next four photos one of the coolest you’ve seen?? So awesome.

As you can see both Andy and Lauren spent a lot of the shoot laughing – it’s so nice seeing two people so happy just hanging out together.

I loved these trees…

Not only do these two know how to have a lot of fun but they’re pretty good at looking damn sexy!

Well, that about wraps up my absolute favourites.. but wait, there’s still more! We’ve put together a little slide show for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback below!

Muskoka Engagement Session

Tomorrow is going to be a great day! We’ll be photographing the wedding of Melissa & Dan… An awesome couple that we got the chance to get to know recently on a trip to their cottage. Their wedding is here in Toronto at stunning Casa Loma. It’s one of Toronto’s renowned tourist attraction and land mark sitting on a hilltop looking south toward the CN Tower.

From the first moment Mel & Dan walked through our studio door we really connected with them.. The more we chatted the more we realized a Summer get away to their cottage in Muskoka was going to be the ultimate solution to their engagement shoot location.

I absolutely love the feeling to this shot… and Charlotte LOVES Melissa’s amazing engagement ring!! Good job Dan!

We began the photo shoot with the two of them sitting on their dock and hanging out with the boat, looking forward to going for a spin later on! Don’t you just love these relaxed shots of them? They really make each other laugh all the time – You can tell they are best friends.

I love this next series of images Charlotte created of Mel with a daisy she found, and the two of them relaxing in the boat. Cute eh.

After a gentle warm up, we had a quick wardrobe change and decided to go for a walk… As we were heading out the driveway we spotted a virtual meadow of ground cover. Charlotte posed up our gorgeous couple and I proceeded to grab this high point of view. Such a cool shot though – I’d love to have a shot of my fiance and I like this!

Look at the stunning green eyes these guys have.. Looks so great with the green Muskokan landscape.

I love the lens flare in this shot… Hot! Hot! Hot!

Dan and Mel took us to this cool field with long wheaty grass sprinkled with purple flowers.. How buttery is the backgroud for these two romantics?

As we wandered up the trail back to the cottage we saw this amazing patch of light and couldn’t resist grabbing some gorgeous photos of them together.

As the afternoon went on, the four of us headed out on the boat and Dan got a chance to do some wake-boarding…

…Melissa had a turn taking a photo of us!

Cruising back to the cottage you could feel the love. I can’t wait for the wedding tomorrow guys!!! You both looked so happy at the rehearsal today so glad you had us come along!

Alison & Jason’s Engagement Pictures

Well here we are in the midst of another very fulfilling, albeit busy, wedding season. Charlotte and I photographed 8 weddings in July and August is very similar… Over the past few years we’ve both been amazed at how kind, generous, compassionate and in love the couples are who’ve been choosing us to photograph their weddings. It’s hard to convey what an honour we find it to be so involved in their day. Today I’m excited to share some highlights from a recent engagement session we photographed of just such a couple.

Alison & Jason are getting marred less than two weeks from today at Graydon Hall Manor – a favourite venue of ours. Chatting about their lives at the moment it’s nice to hear we’re not the only couple feeling a little swamped with all that goes into planning a wedding!

Jason and Alison are a relaxed, easy going pair. They live in the Liberty Village, so we decided to do the shoot right there in their local neighbourhood. We started and ended their shoot at The Brazen Head, a pub that I hadn’t actually been to yet, but I’m pleased to have been introduced to it!

Right from the beginning of the photo session I could tell we were going to have a lot of fun. We wandered through the shops and found some cool little areas for Jay & Alison to hang out – allowing them to slow down and soak in a few moments together.

Jason spotted a grass feature in front of a condo building and with some shuffling we got some very sexy, romantic images.

About an hour into the session we chatted about where to continue the session – The Ex, Centennial Park or elsewhere… and we quickly settled on The Harbourfront Centre & Music Gardens – both favourites of mine. As we were driving there we spotted this vibrant red wall and stopped for a couple of quick photos – and I’m so glad we did!

We arrived at the Music Gardens just in time for twilight… a favourite time for doing some sexier shots…. Check them out below.

A tall ship was cruising by, and we managed to snag this beautiful photo – just look at the connection between these guys!

As the shoot was wrapping up we decided to cruise by The Harbourfront Centre and we were all so glad we did… check out the beautiful lighting they have set up!

Alison & Jay – we can’t wait to photograph your wedding next weekend!!! You guys are the best.

Karen & John’s Portrait Photography

So, we’re a bit behind on the blogging. We even have a couple of more destination weddings and destination engagement’s we’ve been dying to post, we promise we’ll get around to it very soon! We usually get those up right away but we’ve been shooting almost daily since the warm weather has hit. It’s been so nice to spend so much time with our amazing couples at this very special time in their lives, we’re having so much fun! We really wanted to share with you this gorgeous couple’s engagement session from the spring. We had the pleasure of photographing their engagement portraits in and around their beautiful Ancaster home. Meet Karen and John!

Look at all the fun these two have together. John loves to ham it up for the camera and make Karen laugh. No wonder Karen’s head over heels for him!

Aren’t they such a cute couple!! We were so excited to do their engagement session in the Ancaster area, it was a bit of fun to get outside the Toronto city limits and do a session somewhere exciting and new!

We loved the fact that even though we were booked for their wedding date, they wanted to do their engagement session with us. It really means a lot to us when our clients love us that much that they at least book us for their engagement shoot 🙂

Check out this shot, super cute!

Thanks Karen and John for choosing us to photograph your special connection with each other. We would have loved to have been there for your special day. Congratulations on your new life together!!

Allison & Phil’s Oakville Engagement Pictures

When Allison first contacted us about photographing her wedding it was obvious that she’s a girl passionate about life… about photography and of course most passionate about her fiance, Phil. Phil has just arrived home from a stint serving in Afghanistan and it’s clear to see how much these guys missed one another.

As we were planning their engagement pictures, Allison mentioned that they loved to spend time in nature together, both had a passion for the outdoors. She also mentioned in passing that her car had suicide doors.. right away Charlotte and I were picturing the cool images we could create with that!

Because Allison and Phil live in Oakville we thought we’d head out that way for the shoot and showcase their hood. We met up at a barn that I’ve visited many time over the years to explore. It’s an amazing building, full of cool little areas with incredible light coming in. The basement is very cool as well, full of nicknacks from the 50s.

Isn’t this window light just beautiful!? What a gorgeous couple!

We always love creating dramatic silhouettes, and this hallway provided the perfect opportunity for that. This is the kind of image you can easily print to hang and your walls.

As sunset neared the four of us headed over to The 5 Drive In – such and awesome location… Check out these next for photos… Such beautiful light this time of year.

How cool is the entrance to the Diner?? Sweet eh.

And to finish up, since posting the multi image yesterday we got some great feedback, including graces question about how the result was acheived… so we wanted to post the 4 images in their raw versions. As you can see, the light was falling off from shot to shot, with only minutes between the whole set.

Thanks guys for an amazing shoot! We’re very excited for your wedding in 2011!!

Oakville Engagement Session : Sneak Peek

Wow. Charlotte and I just arrived home from an amazing engagement photo shoot with our newest couple… by newest, I mean they just signed on the dotted line to have us photograph their wedding! Allison & Phil are very much in love and it’s so obvious you’d be blind to miss it.

We did a really fun shoot around Oakville… in an old barn, at the 5 Drive In and wrapped up at Sheridan College. At the end of the shoot we created this multi-image that we’d love to share with you.

It’d be great to hear you feedback… like the idea? Want to see more of these type shot?