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A Singapore Wedding

It’ll be quite a surprise for most of you to see a new blog post up. We have so many awesome weddings we wish we’d had time to blog, but we’ll post some more soon! We’ve been so busy around here with our own wedding here in gorgeous Perth, Australia, honeymooning in exotic Boracay, Philippines. Opening a second photography studio in Perth, Australia and running our busy Toronto studio. Did I mention destination weddings too?? Yes we were lucky enough to recently photograph an amazing Singapore couple that found us through our Toronto studio.Meet Jocelyn and Michel! They found us in Canada and had to have us in Singapore for their wedding day even if it meant going to the opposite side of the world to do it! We knew that it was going to be a trip of a lifetime and couldn’t imagine a better couple to photograph in such an incredible location. Singapore, in South East Asia, is a very sophisticated and cosmopolitan place. The architecture and cityscapes are second to none. Singapore is so modern and futuristic, something you’d read about in a Sci Fi novel. It’s very clear that Singapore is one amazing place to have a wedding.

Jocelyn and Michel’s wedding took place over two days at the 5 star, ultra luxurious Four Season’s Hotel. We had so many favourites, this blog post is full of them but this is truly just the tip of the iceberg! It was an awesome day indeed.

Jocelyn’s house was all aflutter with fun and laughter as her family and friends helped her get ready for her big day!

As she put on her veil her mother told her how beautiful she was and that’s when Jocelyn truly felt like a bride. Their were also a few very special, emotional and touching moments that happened for her and her family before the ceremony. It’s moments like these that really mean so much to family and we feel honoured to capture moments like these.

No Singapore wedding would be complete without some door crashing shenanigans!!! These boys were ready for some craziness and the girls weren’t going to let Michel have Jocelyn that easily. They demanded begging and pleading ;). As the girls chanted… “We don’t want your money, we just want your dignity!!!” All we could do was try to hold the cameras steady and laugh!!

This couple had fabulous style. You can’t get any more stylish than Cartier wedding bands, can you?!

They were both so sweet, you can see how thrilled they are to be married and in LOVE!!

We headed out to Singapore’s Botanical Gardens for their bridal session. The gardens were sooo lush and green… and dreamy. Perfect location for our photo shoot.

These guys really are SO incredibly happy together. It was hard to find a moment when they weren’t smiling from ear to ear. So great photographing amazing couples like these two!

I love these gorgeous ferns. How magical is that?

What a beauty Jocelyn is, such a gorgeous smile!

It’s actually pretty funny, Dave and I took these shots at totally different times while we were shooting the bride and groom separately around the gardens!! Maybe being married is making us think that same?! Who could resist a photo location like this! I stole away Jocelyn for this romantic shot and Dave was with Michel getting this cool groomsman shot. What an ethereal backdrop. It’s not often you see an orchid garden. Such a fantasy location!

To finish off the photo shoot we took a quick trip to the Singapore waterfront and this is where the real fun began.

Isn’t the city out of this world!! The building above was built to resemble a ship and the one below resembles a lotus flower. Because the city is still so young, the architecture is very innovative and modern.

While we were shooting, not only did we have a huge crowd of tourists surrounding us, haha, but we were also at the mercy of the rain. While we were waiting for the rain to stop, we grabbed this cute shot! Michel’s idea… very Singin’ In The Rain, don’t ya think!

The second day of the wedding took place at the Four Season’s Hotel Singapore. What an absolutely spectacular location for a wedding. Every time we shoot a wedding at the Four Seasons it’s always incredible. They are one of the worlds finest hotels and the first choice for celebrities for a reason!

Check out some of the amazing details from their wedding reception…

What an event! Almost 300 of their closest friends and family and perfect in every way…

Thanks so much to our lovely couple Jocelyn and Michel for having us fly all the way to Singapore to photograph one of the most important moments of your life. We’re so grateful you chose us to be there with you and cannot thank you enough for trusting us to document these memories. We wish you a life full of happiness and love!

Joelle Todd’s Destination Wedding, Playa del Carmen Mexico

Hey Everyone! After a looong break from blogging we’re back πŸ™‚ I know it may appear that things have slowed down around here because we haven’t been blogging like we usually do, but it’s quite the contrary! We’ve been insanely busy with weddings and engagement shoots and we were also very busy shooting the Bullfrog Power ad campaign (yey… for all of you fellow greenies out there).Β  Speaking of busy, this season we shot 10 destination weddings! We’re really getting to be expert destination wedding photographers with all of the destination shooting we do. Joelle and Todd, an amazing couple from the USA fell in love with our work and whisked us away to document their amazing five star wedding at The Occidental Royal Hideaway in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

The whole week away was amazing! Every detail was perfect. I loved Joelle’s floral’s, vintage inspired wedding gowns and of course (a-hem) that incredible engagement ring seen above. Can you believe how beautiful that engagement ring is… Good work Todd! We have to say we enjoyed every moment. Joelle and Todd really treated us like we were a part of their wedding and were always warm and welcoming. Wedding photography is really an intimate thing. You’re getting up-close and personal on one of the most emotional, joyful days of a persons life so you really need to get to know your subjects in order to create something beautiful for them.

Joelle and Todd really looked so amazing on their wedding day! They were so happy and you can see the joy in their expression. The outdoor ceremony took place on the rooftop terrace overlooking the turquoise sea. The Royal Hideaway must be the best place for a destination wedding in Mexico. We love the Riviera Maya, it’s absolutely breathtaking!

What a gorgeous couple, and Playa del Carmen Mexico has to be the perfect spot for a destination wedding!!

During cocktail hour we took a quick stroll on the beach to give Joelle and Todd a moment relax and be together!

The Occidental Royal Hideaway is one of the prettiest resorts we’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. Look at the beautiful fountains and all of the beautiful landscaping as our backdrop! It makes for beautiful photographs, it also helps that Joelle is an absolutley stunning bride, doesn’t it πŸ˜‰

It was so nice for Joelle and Todd to spend a little downtime together and soak in this very special moment before joining excited friends and family eager to congratulate the newlyweds!

What a picturesque spot for cocktail hour, wouldn’t you agree!

We also loved all of the vibrant reception details. The colours were so complimentary with the gorgeous Mexican landscapes.

What a night, filled with fun, food and fiestas!!

Joelle and Todd had the time of their lives! It was really nice that Joelle had another gorgeous wedding dress to slip in to later in the evening.

Thanks Joelle and Todd for choosing us to document your special time away in Mexico. We loved being a part of your day and getting to know your great friends and family! Congratulations to you both!

Destination Wedding: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dave and I absolutely love this couple! They are so kind and accommodating, we really just loved being with them for their big day in gorgeous Ocho Rios Jamaica. Meet Lasha and Darren, an adorable couple from the GTA that decided to have a dream wedding on the beach surrounded by the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

This is the third wedding we’ve had the privilege to photograph at the RIU Ocho Rios so we really know our way around the place by now πŸ™‚ It was really nice coming back and being a part of such a happy time for Lasha and Darren. The day was full ofΒ  emotion and happiness. You can see how elated Lasha was on such a special day. Everyone was so excited about the wedding ahead.

We could not have asked for better light that day. Everything had a gorgeous soft airy feel. So perfect for a wedding in paradise.

Darren was all smiles when he saw his Lasha for the first time. They have so much love for one another, we love being there to document the true emotion in peoples lives.

Ocho Rios is such a little piece of paradise. I love the soft aquas and blues, the Caribbean Sea has to be the most amazing backdrop for a wedding ceremony. The air was filled with the sound of lapping waves, everything was so breezy and so romantic.

We love the sweet moments, fun and laughter that happen candidly during the wedding ceremonies we shoot. It shows the true personality of the people we photograph.

This ha to be the sweetest flower girl in the world, what a little cutie πŸ™‚

After a great ceremony, the guests wished the couple well, and we took them out for a stroll together on the beach.

The girls couldn’t help but play around have a good time when they we’re left on their own for a bit πŸ™‚ They all have such a hilarious sense of humour!

As we were walking back to the hotel, we grabbed a few stunning shots of Lasha, isn’t she just the most beautiful bride ever??

Darren’s not too bad himself eh, looking pretty dapper on the big day… These guys just love being together and they areΒ  naturally such a effortless, perfect match!

As the sun started to go down, the evening beach reception began. We loved all of the beautiful little details and the event designer did an amazing job giving the outdoor beach wedding a romantic and private feel.

Thanks so much to Lasha and Darren for having us along to be a part of your wedding day, we really loved being there with you all and had the time of our lives down in gorgeous Ocho Rios with you all. Congrats to you both and peace, love and happiness in the future πŸ™‚

Melissa & Sean’s Wedding

Wow… We have been to so many AWESOME places in the last 2 months! We feel so incredibly blessed to have clients that are so amazing and generous that they bring us along to photograph them all over the world. Melissa and Sean’s gorgeous wedding in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands was something Dave and I have been looking forward to for a very long time! Sean and Melissa’s adorable little 2 year old, Lauren was a reason why I was excited πŸ™‚ You can check out her adorable her baby photos a while back, as well as her toddler shoot at High Park. Baby Lauren was also the model I used for the 2010 Baby and Toddler Guide. Isn’t she adorable… you can see why they chose her for the cover!

When we were asked to do another gorgeous Caribbean wedding in freezing February we were thrilled, and we were especially happy to have such a gorgeous couple to photograph.

Melissa is actually a dear friend of my sister Tricia so it was really nice to have a chance to photograph Melissa and her family on such an important day!

We had been having such a great time at sea with everyone but everyone was so excited to disembark and enjoy their fabulous wedding on the white sand beach!

It felt like we had stepped out into a little piece of paradise when we arrived at Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas. The planners had everything all set up beautifully. You can’t beat a stunning backdrop like this for your wedding day! Beach weddings really are the best!

Melissa’s dad was so very proud of his little girl. He loves her soo much and I can honestly say that I have never seen such a strong father/daughter bond, they really are like best friends! It was so nice to see that they have such a sweet relationship together, especially on Melissa’s big day.

Sean was so happy to see his beautiful bride to be walking down the sandy aisle. They make such an amazing couple!

Dave actually got in the water for this shot πŸ™‚ I love how he’s always thinking up unique and creative wedding photos.

This shot makes me so happy! It really reminds me of how elated they both were to be tying the knot. Super cute!

All of the vibrant colours looked so great against the beachy scenery! Corals and peaches looks so incredible with the turquoise sea. Love it! All of the colourful rose petals added a bit of playfulness as Melissa and Sean walked down the aisle officially Man and Wife!

What a gorgeous spot in the world, who wouldn’t want to get married at an exotic beach location like Megan’s Bay! We just love St. Thomas and can’t wait to go back πŸ™‚

After the ceremony we had some fun with the bridal party and gave Melissa and Sean a little time to soak it all in.

Sean and his boys were always having a good laugh and loving the vibe of the day!

Dave caught this shot of little Lauren playing under the canopy after the wedding. What a sweet moment!

We finished up with some cool shots of the bridal party and took the gondola up to a restaurant over looking the hills. It was so nice to take a break with Melissa and Sean and to give them some time alone as a newly married couple.

Isn’t this the coolest shot ever! I love this on and it’s one of my faves from the wedding. Dave grabbed this one very carefully out the window of the gondola! Super cool right!?!

Dave and Sean went into the shop to grab some water so Melissa and I took these shots outside of the store, lol! It goes to show if you have a willing bride you can capture beautiful images anywhere πŸ™‚

We had so much fun with these guys. I love these playful shots, too cute!

Melissa and I were left on our own while the boys took a few cool groomsmen shots so we had some fun before boarding the boat! It sort of reminds me of a 1940’s post card. I loved having the grandness of the ship as a backdrop.

After a fun day of shooting we made our way to the wedding reception and Melissa and Sean had a great time being with family and little Lauren again. It was a gorgeous wedding day and a beautiful reception.

Thanks so much to Melissa and Sean for choosing us to come along as your destination wedding photographers. We loved every moment we spent away with you all on board the ship and wish your family all the love and happiness in the future.

Stay tuned for Melissa and Sean’s Trash the Dress session in the exotic Turks and Caicos Islands!!

A Destination Wedding in Playa Del Carmen

We have had the best week away in gorgeous Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We absolutely love it when we get to join our amazing couples for their destination weddings. Can you believe that in the last 14 months we will have shot in Australia, Hong Kong, India,Β  Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados & The Greek Islands. Not only that, but we’ve got several coming up this Winter, like Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Virgin Islands & Turks and Caicos!! The great thing is that we LOVE our couples as much as we love to travel so we hope it shows in our work πŸ™‚

Fiona and Bobby are one of our couples that we truly adore. Check out some of the best images from their gorgeous wedding in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico!


Doesn’t Fiona look glamorous even before she slipped into her stunning wedding dress. Fiona, you look beautiful, I hope that’s Balmshell lip-gloss you’re wearing πŸ˜‰


The suites at the 5 star Royal, Playa del Carmen were to-die-for! They were so luxurious, you felt pampered every step of the way. Even with the stunning beach outside your door, they almost made you want to stay in your room all day… well almost.


Fiona had lots of little blue Tiffany & Co. boxes on her day with cute little hand made presents for her as well :). I love this shot of Fiona’s identical twin sister Jen helping her into her wedding gown.


… And this shot of Fiona and her girls.


After their awesome White Party on the beach the night before, Fiona and Bobby had such a breezy day… no stress…Β  they were so both relaxed before hand, you know they’re a perfect match!


Bobby and his boys laughed and joked around before the ceremony, they were all such a cruisey bunch and such a pleasure to photograph!


These have got to be the cutest flower girl and ring bearer ever! Aren’t they sweet πŸ™‚


I love the huge smile on Bobby’s face as he sees his future wife walk down the aisle! They were both SO happy to see each other!





I love this shot after the ceremony! Check out all of the cameras! Papa- Papa-Razzi!


The soft yellow colour scheme was so fitting for a gorgeous wedding by the beach. The bridesmaids looked so beautiful in their soft flowy yellow cocktail length bridesmaids dresses. Fiona’s bouquet of vibrant yellow orchids was perfect and stayed flawless through the fabulous wedding ceremony and into the late evening.



This is a great shot of the two new families having a good time together after the vows.


One thing we love as photographers is shooting through things. I love this shot Dave captured of Bobby through Fiona’s veil.



Fiona was such a beautiful and elegant bride.


… And Bobby was so charming!


See what I mean about the bridesmaids dresses! These girls looked fabulous!





After a late afternoon wedding, the sun was down in no time so we had to get even more creative with our shots. The wind picked up a bit so it made for some really cool shots of Fiona’s veil fluttering in the wind.


And the sapphire night sky was a gorgeous backdrop for this romantic shot! LOVE it!




The Royal in Playa del Carmen had so many great locations to take wedding photos. The bright coloured walls were perfect for a few shots.


One thing I love about night shooting is the moodiness and they way you can manipulate light to get some really dramatic shots. While the newlyweds relaxed together for a few moments alone we grabbed these cute little moment before the pre-reception cocktails began.




And now for some wedding reception fun!





Bobby and Fiona had such a gorgeous wedding reception and The Royal Resort did such an amazing job with the food… As they did all week! We dined on some delectable Surf n’ Turf and I tell you they sure know how to do some pretty succulent lobster at this resort and not to mention the desserts… Hmmm, that reminds me, I think I have a spinning class tonight!!!



During the wedding they had a hilarious awards ceremony called “The Clarkies”. It was meant to acknowledge some of the funniest and most memorable moments between their friends and family. It was really well done and they had some pretty sweet prizes, lol! During the speeches we had some moments filled with laughter too and also some tears and emotional moments as well. It really was a wedding to remember. We were busy putting together the same day slide show for the couple during the reception and took turns shooting and editing. We were happy to present some of our favourite story telling images ofΒ  the wedding for them at the reception. If you haven’t had a chance to see the same day slide show, check it out at the top of the post πŸ™‚


We absolutely loved the live band they found in Playa del Carmen! They had some serious skills and had everyone on the dance floor boogieing down!




What an amazing time away we had with Fiona and Bobby. We’d love to thank you guys again- SO much, for choosing us to photograph your wedding. You both made us feel so welcome like we were a part of the gang. We’re glad you love your photos as much as we do!! We hope you had a great honeymoon in Jamaica and an amazing start to your new chapter in your lives together. Here’s a little note we had to share with you that Fiona sent us after their wedding… Thanks again guys!

David and Charlotte

I can not tell you how many compliments that I have gotten about the beautiful photos you took at my wedding.

It makes me feel so proud when someone compliments your work because I knew that your talents would blow people away. From the moment I saw your work and met you two, I was beyond impressed. I was so excited for people to see them and especially the parents.

In fact I had one girlfriend of mine who showed her brother your photos and now I think he has contacted you about his own wedding. And then Bobby’s brother called us yesterday all excited because he saw you David on TV on Wedding SOS. The funny thing is that I saw that episode ages ago and had no idea that the best photographer in the business was you! Should have guessed.

Anyways I really can’t express not only how much everyone loved your photos but also how much they loved you guys. I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing “Your photos are the most amazing photos I have ever seen!” or “Your photographers are so nice and good looking!”

I am so so so proud of your work and blown away by my wedding photos. Thank you so much for the thought, love and care you put into my wedding and for being the two coolest, hottest (looks and talent) photographers ever.

I hope that this is not the last that I have a chance to work with you two. I am looking forward to hopefully other projects in future and feel extremely blessed to have met both of you.

Much love


The White Party: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Dave and I feel like the luckiest people in the world! We really do have the coolest, most amazing clients you could ask for. We’re also so lucky that they fly us all around the world to photograph one of the most incredible times in their lives. With the cold winters we have to deal with living in Toronto, we’re counting our blessings that we have almost one destination wedding every month until June! Take that Jack Frost πŸ™‚ Fiona and Bobby are one of these awesome couples that we immediately knew we wanted to book. Check out their White Party at the 5 star Royal Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!


white party photography mexico 1

When Fiona first came by our studio we actually sat and chatted for 3 HOURS! We had such an immediate connection with her, she was such a sweetie, we even felt a little sad to see her go after our meeting! We covered everything from Australian rock bands to how we both share the amazing talent of curling our hair with a thin barreled hair straightener… haha, how funny is that?!


We were also pretty amazed when we asked Fiona about herself and she dropped a “Balmshell” on us! Fiona and her identical twin sister Jen created this super cool company called Balmshell. It’s an awesome stick free lip-gloss that’s hit the shelves of Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Marts everywhere. Their awesome brand was a part of the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie and has been used in the gift bags for the Oscars!!! Yes, even Megan Fox and Fergie use Balmshell! Check out what Entertainment Tonight andΒ  Donny Deutsch had to say about their amazing product!Β  I know, I digress, but this is exciting stuff!!


As we found out more about Fiona and Bobby’s wedding, she told us that they had a really cool beach party lined up the day before the ceremony. When we arrived to shoot the party it was better than we ever had imagined!! The theme was for everyone to wear white and it looked absolutely stunning!Β  It was also a great way to welcome everyone to Mexico and meet n’ mingle before the big wedding celebrations. The White Party on the beach was so much fun for everyone!


Fiona and Bobby had a mariachi band that played requests for the crowd, they were the best! They both passed out maracas so the guests could take part in the percussion- Ole!




Dining on the beach is such a great experience. There is something about having a meal under the stars and feeling the sand between your toes that you just can’t beat πŸ™‚


I love this shot of Fiona’s sister Jen and her husband. Isn’t it amazing how much Fiona and Jen look alike!



I loved these shots Dave set up of the bridal party… very Vanity Fair. I also loved how Fiona and Bobby had white leather couches and seating areas set up around the beach. The White Party had the vibe of a lounge you’d find back home in Toronto. Amazing job guys!


The energy was high and the air was filled with laughter as the girls danced to the mariachi band in the sand.





What a exciting way to have pre-wedding celebrations in the Mayan Riviera! Great job Fiona and Bobby! You really know how to through a great party. Stay tuned to the Blog for their stunning wedding and same day slide show from sunny Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!!

white party photography mexico 2