One More Sleep

Tonight I’m excited. Only one more sleep until the wedding of two wonderful, amazing, sweet, kind, gentle people – and one very cute little dog – but we’ll get to her soon.

It does feel a little bitter sweet. Charlotte and I have chosen to life of travel… living an endless summer – half here in Toronto and half in Australia.

It’s been an incredible Summer here and we can’t thank all of our amazing clients enough for that!!

Renee & Corey began their engagement session taking a moment to slow down, close their eyes and connect with one another…. But there was one little soul that wasn’t too happy being left out of the photos!!! In steps the cutest little diva… Kayleigh!!! Literally the cutest little fur baby ever. Right?!

It’s such a pleasure to have a job where we can invite couples to be them selves… laugh, cuddle and show their love to one another. There’s not a single engagement shoot that I haven’t learnt something new about love and the amazing ways people make each other happy.

One of the traits I really like about Renee and Corey is that no matter how hard they try to be serious… they just can’t! They’re seemingly always having a laugh… enjoying making one another giggle.

I’m really excited to share their wedding images with you all soon. They’re doing their photos at this same amazing location – The Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, and their ceremony and reception are at a favourite venue of ours – Steamwhistle!! Going to be an epic day.