Breaking and Entering with Lucas and Laura

This was Lucas and Laura’s second engagement shoot with us… They loved the photos from the first one so much the went for another! They were already so comfortable with us and by the second time around they were definitely professionals. We were bouncing around ideas on the phone beforehand and trying to come up with the perfect setting for such a unique and fun couple and we came up with the perfect place to get dusty and take the best engagement photos of our season here in Toronto. We were all feeling pretty adventurous and creative as we came up photography drive. We hopped through a broken window with camera gear and lights in tow and got right into the swing of things to create some of our most exciting and unique engagement photos ever!

Graffiti and rubble all over the place! Never the less, Lucas looked awesome!

This old grungy stairwell was amazing for a few interesting light paintings. Break on through!

Lucas and Laura posed up in the ashes of this blown out building.

The holes in the walls let in the perfect amount of light, the time of day was just right. Such an amazing opportunity to get to photograph this couple in here.

The old gymnasium was completely collapsing. It was dangerous but our couple had such a great sense of adventure about them. There was no stopping them from exploring every facet of this amazing old building.

Nearly everything was accessible. We even went all the way up to the rooftop! Lucas and Laura really worked for it. The result was a really excellent and rare set of photos that I think are some of the most distinctive we’ve ever shot.

Definitely the cutest light painting photograph any couple has ever taken in a burned down factory! Somebody get Guinness on the phone!

After a quick (but fashion forward) costume change, We headed down to the quiet streets and alleys of Toronto’s Liberty Village.

Laura loved the idea of our multi image. And Lucas loved the idea of 8 Lauras. We were stoked to put this one all together for them.


Thanks so much to our brave and exciting couple! Congrats guys!!!