Our Honeymoon in Paradise

Hey Everyone! There is so much that has been going on around here lately. Dave and I are so excited with all that’s been happening. Firstly we had our beautiful wedding here in Perth, Australia at the gorgeous Cottesloe Civic Centre and Barchetta on the beach. How thrilled we were that we were able to host our wedding here in one of the most beautiful places with the most stunning ocean views in the in the world, Perth, Western Australia.

43 of our closest friends and family traveled from all around the world to be with us on our big day. It was so amazing to have everyone there with us to celebrate our wedding day here in sunny Perth. Not only have we launched our second photography studio here in W.A. but we just had a fabulous opportunity to photograph an amazing wedding in Singapore before we left for our honeymoon!!

Dave and I spent 10 spectacular days in exotic Boracay in The Philippines and what an adventure we had. We stayed at the 20 room Asya Premier Suites on Boat Station 3. We loved our stay at Asya and it was so nice to have such a tranquil space to relax and come back to every day. Since it’s such a small hotel we often were the only ones around. The gracious staff were always close by to see if we needed anything to make our stay even more enjoyable. Asya truly is heaven on earth!

This is a shot that was taken from our patio. I love the little blue catarmarans that sailed each day. Every evening at sunset, the little boats would commute the same route home to the big island. It looked like a little toy boat traffic jam, so peaceful to watch from our room.

All of the bamboo catarmarans had the same blue sails, so nice to see them all lined up along the horizon.

On one of our adventures we hired a tricycle, basically a motorcycle with a sidecar attached, to the infamous bat cave. What a wild ride that was!!

When traveling in a tricycle sometimes passengers have to get out and push as the roads are rocky and very, very steep. Our bat cave tour guide was nice enough to lend a hand to help get us up the hill.

Finally, after an hour of the bumpiest taxi ride we’ve ever been on we reached our destination! The bat cave was not for the faint of heart. Dark, slippery and surrounded by sharp, jagged rocks. This adventure not only required fearlessness but rock climbing skills. Difficult to do in sandal’s. Dave never lets much stop him from adventure so took the trek down into the cave while I waited safely at the surface. Very glad I did, sea snakes are not my thing!

Anita, my cousin, had been to the tiny island of Boracay once before and highly recommended the Shangri-La Hotel for dinner. We left from our hotel beach and took an amazing ride on our own personal catamaran to the gorgeous resort on the other side of the island. What a romantic ride. The water was crystal clean and you could see all the way down to the bottom!

No life vests required and not much in the way of seating. Good thing the water was so glassy 🙂 Sailing and shopping are two of Boracay’s biggest industries. Of course we had to take part in both! Boracay is well know for their amazing pearls. I bought this black pearl strand on the beach earlier that day!

Once we arrived at Shangri-La we enjoyed the view for a little while and had the most amazing food! On a small island like this one, the food has to be fresh.

Thanks for checking out photos from our latest adventure. Stay tuned to the blog, we’ll be posting some more Perth weddings and our fun Singapore travel shots very soon!