A Singapore Wedding

It’ll be quite a surprise for most of you to see a new blog post up. We have so many awesome weddings we wish we’d had time to blog, but we’ll post some more soon! We’ve been so busy around here with our own wedding here in gorgeous Perth, Australia, honeymooning in exotic Boracay, Philippines. Opening a second photography studio in Perth, Australia and running our busy Toronto studio. Did I mention destination weddings too?? Yes we were lucky enough to recently photograph an amazing Singapore couple that found us through our Toronto studio.Meet Jocelyn and Michel! They found us in Canada and had to have us in Singapore for their wedding day even if it meant going to the opposite side of the world to do it! We knew that it was going to be a trip of a lifetime and couldn’t imagine a better couple to photograph in such an incredible location. Singapore, in South East Asia, is a very sophisticated and cosmopolitan place. The architecture and cityscapes are second to none. Singapore is so modern and futuristic, something you’d read about in a Sci Fi novel. It’s very clear that Singapore is one amazing place to have a wedding.

Jocelyn and Michel’s wedding took place over two days at the 5 star, ultra luxurious Four Season’s Hotel. We had so many favourites, this blog post is full of them but this is truly just the tip of the iceberg! It was an awesome day indeed.

Jocelyn’s house was all aflutter with fun and laughter as her family and friends helped her get ready for her big day!

As she put on her veil her mother told her how beautiful she was and that’s when Jocelyn truly felt like a bride. Their were also a few very special, emotional and touching moments that happened for her and her family before the ceremony. It’s moments like these that really mean so much to family and we feel honoured to capture moments like these.

No Singapore wedding would be complete without some door crashing shenanigans!!! These boys were ready for some craziness and the girls weren’t going to let Michel have Jocelyn that easily. They demanded begging and pleading ;). As the girls chanted… “We don’t want your money, we just want your dignity!!!” All we could do was try to hold the cameras steady and laugh!!

This couple had fabulous style. You can’t get any more stylish than Cartier wedding bands, can you?!

They were both so sweet, you can see how thrilled they are to be married and in LOVE!!

We headed out to Singapore’s Botanical Gardens for their bridal session. The gardens were sooo lush and green… and dreamy. Perfect location for our photo shoot.

These guys really are SO incredibly happy together. It was hard to find a moment when they weren’t smiling from ear to ear. So great photographing amazing couples like these two!

I love these gorgeous ferns. How magical is that?

What a beauty Jocelyn is, such a gorgeous smile!

It’s actually pretty funny, Dave and I took these shots at totally different times while we were shooting the bride and groom separately around the gardens!! Maybe being married is making us think that same?! Who could resist a photo location like this! I stole away Jocelyn for this romantic shot and Dave was with Michel getting this cool groomsman shot. What an ethereal backdrop. It’s not often you see an orchid garden. Such a fantasy location!

To finish off the photo shoot we took a quick trip to the Singapore waterfront and this is where the real fun began.

Isn’t the city out of this world!! The building above was built to resemble a ship and the one below resembles a lotus flower. Because the city is still so young, the architecture is very innovative and modern.

While we were shooting, not only did we have a huge crowd of tourists surrounding us, haha, but we were also at the mercy of the rain. While we were waiting for the rain to stop, we grabbed this cute shot! Michel’s idea… very Singin’ In The Rain, don’t ya think!

The second day of the wedding took place at the Four Season’s Hotel Singapore. What an absolutely spectacular location for a wedding. Every time we shoot a wedding at the Four Seasons it’s always incredible. They are one of the worlds finest hotels and the first choice for celebrities for a reason!

Check out some of the amazing details from their wedding reception…

What an event! Almost 300 of their closest friends and family and perfect in every way…

Thanks so much to our lovely couple Jocelyn and Michel for having us fly all the way to Singapore to photograph one of the most important moments of your life. We’re so grateful you chose us to be there with you and cannot thank you enough for trusting us to document these memories. We wish you a life full of happiness and love!