Park Hyatt Toronto Wedding

I am so thrilled to be posting this wedding. Not only because we are super behind on blogging (sorry about that) but because we LOVE these guys! Meet Michele and Theo, our gorgeous, happy, fun-loving couple that made our photography day feel more like an adventure and never once felt like work!

Michele and Theo had every little last detail done to perfection. From the stunning Tiffany & Co. wedding bands and engagement ring to Michele’s vintage style Vera Wang gown and Prada shoes, this wedding was a feast for our photographic senses ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only were the details beautiful but meaningful as well. I love that they had their nicknames for each other engraved into their wedding bands and that Michele got her craft on and made her bouquets from scratch (how creative)! Let’s not forget the incredible, stunning Rolex watch (and pair of socks to ward off cold feet) that Theo received from Michele as a wedding day gift! Trust me Michele… there was never any thought of cold feet for Theo on the big day!

I loved this shot above of Michele and her mom as she placed the Tiffany’s necklace around Michele’s neck. And this one of all the girls together before the ceremony.

I think Michele’s dad is used to his girls fussing over him. He didn’t seem to mind one bit!

Michele and Theo Saw each other for the first time in the suite at The Park Hyatt Hotel, in Toronto. It was a very apparent these two are not only deeply in love but best friends!

What a stunning pair!

After the two had a chance to settle down from all of the first look excitement, we went down to do their Chinese Tea Ceremony. It was so much fun to capture all of the candid laughs and special moments between Michele and Theo’s family!

Right before the wedding ceremony, Michele’s twin sisters helped her with a few finishing touches to prep her for her walk down the aisle. The Park Hyatt has to be one of the best wedding locations in Toronto. It seriously has it all!

And what a stunning bride she was…. As she walked down the aisle she looked like she was floating in a dream. You can really see the love she holds for Theo.

After the ceremony we stole our couple away for a moment and created this beautiful shot. I love this image.

Once we gathered together the wedding party we walked around the streets of Toronto on a hunt for a perfect wedding photography location ๐Ÿ™‚ We didn’t have to look far, the strong wind made even these candid shots so dramatic and fun!

Ok, I mentioned before how well Dave and I got along with Michele and Theo… Seriously, I think I had to take a few breathers from all of the laughing we were doing during the bridal session. As I was posing and setting up this dramatic shot with the building, I told Theo to just give me “majestic”… he replied, “I don’t know how to look majestic.”ย  I told him “You know be like the Lion King! Think Mustafa!”ย  LOL, I’m not sure where that came from, but this shot below is now officially named Lion King! I think Theo does a pretty good Mustafa, don’t you…

I love this shot below, it was such a pretty little church we found while wandering the streets together, and close to the Park Hyatt too!

I really LOVE this shot in the glass. Don’t you love the movement in this shot and her veil looks so dreamy!

When we got back from our photo shoot, Michele and her dad were practicing their father/daughter dance while I was shooting room details. Michele’s whole family is so much fun, her dad even asked me for a dance too!

We even had some amazing entertainment to photograph as well. Check out the Chinese Lion Dance they had during the wedding reception. Pretty cool huh?!

When Michele came back from wedding dress change #2 of 3, the guests sang them into a big kiss! You guys are too cute!

The speeches and hilarious videos kept everyone entertained during the reception, including the bride and groom!

Awww, this is why we love our job!

Here is a shot of our yummy dessert ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a perfect way to top off an AMAZING dinner at The Park Hyatt. I really mean it when I say the food was off the charts delicious. Great job Park Hyatt!!

The details, food, fun, entertainment and emotion made this wedding one we’ll always remember. Thanks so much to Michele and Theo for truly treating us as wedding guests on your special day. Your willingness to trust our vision and your natural sense of fun really came through in the images. Thanks for having us and happy honeymoon!!