Capitol Event Theatre Wedding Photography Slideshow

Charlotte and I just arrived home for a wonderful day photographing the wedding of a young, vibrant, energetic couple – Sam & Albert. We ended off the day by presenting their Wedding Day Slide show – something we LOVE to do. It’s so much fun to take the images we’ve captured and be able to share them with the bride and groom and all their friends and family during desert!

The day flew by way too fast!! It was a relaxed day, beginning at Samantha’s house in Markham, where she and her two sisters Nikki and Amanda were all getting ready. Some of you may remember Amanda’s gorgeous vineyard wedding last year. As the girls finished their make up, they teased one another the way only sisters can!

We left the house to head to the ceremony with drops of rain appearing on the windsheild… but they soon cleared. After a playful, emotional ceremony at Capitol Event Theatre we headed over to York University for some light hearted wedding party photography, wrapping up the session with the bride and groom getting some well deserved alone time.

Without further ado I’m pleased to share this wedding photography slide show with you all!