Alison & Jason’s Engagement Pictures

Well here we are in the midst of another very fulfilling, albeit busy, wedding season. Charlotte and I photographed 8 weddings in July and August is very similar… Over the past few years we’ve both been amazed at how kind, generous, compassionate and in love the couples are who’ve been choosing us to photograph their weddings. It’s hard to convey what an honour we find it to be so involved in their day. Today I’m excited to share some highlights from a recent engagement session we photographed of just such a couple.

Alison & Jason are getting marred less than two weeks from today at Graydon Hall Manor – a favourite venue of ours. Chatting about their lives at the moment it’s nice to hear we’re not the only couple feeling a little swamped with all that goes into planning a wedding!

Jason and Alison are a relaxed, easy going pair. They live in the Liberty Village, so we decided to do the shoot right there in their local neighbourhood. We started and ended their shoot at The Brazen Head, a pub that I hadn’t actually been to yet, but I’m pleased to have been introduced to it!

Right from the beginning of the photo session I could tell we were going to have a lot of fun. We wandered through the shops and found some cool little areas for Jay & Alison to hang out – allowing them to slow down and soak in a few moments together.

Jason spotted a grass feature in front of a condo building and with some shuffling we got some very sexy, romantic images.

About an hour into the session we chatted about where to continue the session – The Ex, Centennial Park or elsewhere… and we quickly settled on The Harbourfront Centre & Music Gardens – both favourites of mine. As we were driving there we spotted this vibrant red wall and stopped for a couple of quick photos – and I’m so glad we did!

We arrived at the Music Gardens just in time for twilight… a favourite time for doing some sexier shots…. Check them out below.

A tall ship was cruising by, and we managed to snag this beautiful photo – just look at the connection between these guys!

As the shoot was wrapping up we decided to cruise by The Harbourfront Centre and we were all so glad we did… check out the beautiful lighting they have set up!

Alison & Jay – we can’t wait to photograph your wedding next weekend!!! You guys are the best.