St. Lucia

Dave and I are in the peak of wedding season at the moment and are very excited for all of the incredible weddings we have yet to blog and that are coming up! We have Jasmine and Dave’s luxurious wedding this weekend at the Royal York with The Caketress and Cynthia Martyn! We’re very excited to be working along side these two amazing vendors and many more the day of. If you’ve been by our studio Lori AKA The Caketress did our opulent, 4 tier wedding cake dusted in 24 carat gold that we have on display. She’s a cake design genius!

With not only the Dave and Charlotte side of things our sister company Rainbow Eleven has been keeping us really busy also. With all of this work it got us daydreaming about vacation time πŸ™‚ Our last true vacation (ie, not work related) was to exotic St. Lucia a few months back. It was so nice to be together in a tropical paradise, surrounded by nature and beauty. Dave and I love getting outdoors and exploring. St. Lucia is definitely a gorgeous spot on the globe and it’s such a feast for the senses!

Here is a sideshow with some of our favorite memories of St. Lucia… And many more images below!

While we were vacationing, we took part in many excursions to really get out there and experience it all. My favourites had to be the Dolphin/Whale watching and the Rain Forest Trek.Β  The dolphin and pilot whales were so thrilling to watch. It’s so nice that we can observe them in their natural habitat. They dolphins loved surfing and playing in the waves our boat created in an otherwise calm sea. They had so much fun playing ‘chicken’ with our boat and racing around in front of it. One of the guests along for the excursion asked “Do you ever feed the dolphins fish to get them to come by the boat?” The guide just laughed and said “Why would they want to eat our old frozen fish when they have a sea of fresh fish out there!”

One thing that’s really, very important to us ethical treatment of animals. We don’t agree with attending parks or aquariums with captive dolphins. Not only does it harm and kill thousands of dolphins each year, it is no life for the dolphins in the parks that should be swimming free in nature. Please do not go to parks where you can ride, feed or touch captive dolphins!! If you’d like more information on how to help the dolphins please watch the documentary “The Cove” and visit this site,

The Rain Forest Trek was a lot of work hiking the trails to get to the hidden water fall, but so much fun. The ancient, majestic trees and refreshing waterfalls made us feel like we were in complete paradise for the day. It so nice to be surrounded by the sounds of the rain forest. What a beautiful piece of the world St. Lucia is. If we weren’t getting married in Perth Australia, we’d definitely think of St. Lucia as a spot for our destination wedding! It’s so romantic, no wonder they filmed the last season of the Bachelor there πŸ™‚

Because St. Lucia is riddled with winding roads and it was a lengthy ride to the airport, we thought it would be a lot of fun to arrive in style and took the scenic route by helicopter πŸ™‚ Since both my Grandfather and Dad are both helicopter pilots, I’ve been on my fair share of helicopter rides but the view in St. Lucia was the most mind blowing adventure by far!Β  Boy, did I wish I had my camera with me when the pilot took me over the top of the breathtaking Piton’s!! Dave, sadly,Β  got more of the direct route but still manged to snap one or two aerial shots.

If there is one place I’d highly recommend for a romantic vacation, St. Lucia would have to be it! I hope we’ll be able to go back and visit again soon! Remember everyone, it’s a great spot for a destination wedding… hint, hint! πŸ˜‰