Allison & Phil’s Oakville Engagement Pictures

When Allison first contacted us about photographing her wedding it was obvious that she’s a girl passionate about life… about photography and of course most passionate about her fiance, Phil. Phil has just arrived home from a stint serving in Afghanistan and it’s clear to see how much these guys missed one another.

As we were planning their engagement pictures, Allison mentioned that they loved to spend time in nature together, both had a passion for the outdoors. She also mentioned in passing that her car had suicide doors.. right away Charlotte and I were picturing the cool images we could create with that!

Because Allison and Phil live in Oakville we thought we’d head out that way for the shoot and showcase their hood. We met up at a barn that I’ve visited many time over the years to explore. It’s an amazing building, full of cool little areas with incredible light coming in. The basement is very cool as well, full of nicknacks from the 50s.

Isn’t this window light just beautiful!? What a gorgeous couple!

We always love creating dramatic silhouettes, and this hallway provided the perfect opportunity for that. This is the kind of image you can easily print to hang and your walls.

As sunset neared the four of us headed over to The 5 Drive In – such and awesome location… Check out these next for photos… Such beautiful light this time of year.

How cool is the entrance to the Diner?? Sweet eh.

And to finish up, since posting the multi image yesterday we got some great feedback, including graces question about how the result was acheived… so we wanted to post the 4 images in their raw versions. As you can see, the light was falling off from shot to shot, with only minutes between the whole set.

Thanks guys for an amazing shoot! We’re very excited for your wedding in 2011!!