Paul & Julie’s Berkeley Church Wedding Photography

Last summer, Dave and I had a fabulous time photographing Jay and Audrey’s gorgeous Muskoka wedding. We honestly didn’t think the night could get any better… We had a chance to catch up with Megan and Shaun, our friends and former bride and groom of ours, they actually referred Audrey and Jay to us 🙂 We were so excited when guests, Julie and Paul asked us if they could book a meeting with us to discuss their big day. They said that they were so impressed by watching us work that they couldn’t imagine any one else shooting their day! Wow, that type of flattery goes a long way with us and we got them in that week for a meeting. We just love couples like Julie and Paul, they have to be some of the nicest people out there and we really wanted to capture their love to the very best of our abilities!

The great thing about having two principle shooters on your wedding day is that during the preparations one photographer can go with the bride and one with the groom. Dave and I love the fact that we can split up and really cover both sides of the wedding day. We love to provide our clients with all of the beautiful photojournalism that happens at our weddings!

Dave was photographing the guys when he caught this beautiful little moment. I just love the way Paul’s mom is looking lovingly at her son while he’s waiting for Julie to arrive. Look at the anticipation everyone is feeling!

Such a stunning bride. I loved Julie’s dress, she looked so elegant in her lace, halter wedding gown.

Such a cute family! They were all elated to be sharing this big day together!

After a beautiful ceremony Paul and Julie were announced man and wife!! On such a chilly January day, I think it warmed everyone’s heart to see them so happy together!

Our first stop was Nathan Phillips Square for a romantic skate around the ice. CP24, City Pulse was there covering the winter time fun. It was so cool that Gurdeep Ahluwalia asked them for an interview! They Must have been so excited to be on T.V. so soon after being married!

Dave had some fun with the groomsmen when he got down on the ice and directed this sweet shot! Thank goodness these guys can stop on a dime!

January weddings, although beautiful, can be chilly and this one was no exception. Paul and Julie were such troopers while we took them around downtown Toronto for their photography session.  We grabbed these last few shots as the sun started going down, too much fun, we love winter weddings!

It was nice and toasty at the Berkeley Church when we arrived. The setting was simply stunning with roaring fireplaces, incredible centerpieces and the soft light of candles that made the already inviting venue that much cozier.

One thing that Dave and I are seriously considering is having a live band for our wedding. We absolutely love the vibe and the high energy that an amazing band has to offer. Julie and Paul had the talented Fred Hale Band play for their reception! They were a great choice and we’ve shot a few weddings with them now. They always get the party hopping and everyone hits the dance floor in celebration. Gotta love that!

Do you recognize this gorgeous duo!! Yes, it’s Audrey and Jay our awesome couple from last summer at the fabulous Taboo resort in Muskoka! It was so nice seeing you both again, we love you guys 🙂

My sister Tricia is getting married at the Berkeley Church next July. I instantly fell in love with the blue arch that frames the bride and groom while they dance.  How magical does that look?! We’ll definitely have to get the same awesome lighting for her special day!

It was a really fun and casual vibe to their reception. Everyone had a good time, we loved how Julie and Paul gave their speech on the stage, so relaxed and genuine.

After the father/daughter dance, Dave and I stole our couple away for the last few shots of them together. We love the Berkeley Church for all of it’s romantic nooks and corners hidden away.

I love this spot and this chandelier. The textures, the brick and just the feeling of this room are so incredible. Did you know that Coldplay held a secret concert in Toronto at the Berkeley Church?! Chris Martin, the lead singer, actually had a photo shoot in this very room. Pretty cool spot to take a few romantic wedding photos huh?!

Thanks so much to Julie and Paul for being so amazing to us on your wedding day! We really had a great time with you and your great friends and family. Congratulations guys and we wish you a fantastic future together!!