Mont Tremblant Engagement Photography Sneak Peek

G’Day everyone,

On Tuesday night this week, we got a call from Rachel and John. They’re a cool couple from Connecticut asking if it were possible for us to fly to Mt Tremblant to take some snowy engagement pictures for them. Charlotte and I did a quick search of the FlyPorter website and were excited to see that it was possible to get out this weekend!

So Friday morning we boarded our flight on Toronto island and were walking across the tarmac in Mont Tremblant less than an hour later. Gotta love Porter for it’s convenience, plus the service is great!

We met up with Rachel and John at the base of the village with lots of smiles and hugs. We could tell we’d just found some  new instant friends!

Needless to say, we had an AMAZING time driving around the mountain and walking in the forest with them. We had an awesome shoot, and have lots of great images to edit, however we wanted to share this engagement photo with you. This is one of our favourites from the shoot…

We created the above photograph by creating multiple exposures with John doing an amazing job of holding still throughout! We then overlapped them all in PhotoShop to create this rather striking and unique image!

We couldn’t be more impressed with their diversity and willingness to make this shot happen!

We’ll definitely post the rest of the shoot in another post, but before we leave you we thought you may enjoy seeing this panorama we made looking across the lake at the mountain. You can view a larger version of this Mont Tremblant Panorama by clicking here.

We’re off to the Wedding Co. show at the Carlu in Toronto now to visit a few friends and to get some more cool ideas for our wedding. Hope to see some of you there!