Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Welcome back to the blog everyone! Hope you’re all recovering well from excessive consumption of turkey, stuffing and all the other goodies that come with this time of year! Charlotte and I are thoroughly enjoying some down time with her parents place up in Southampton on Lake Huron. It’s been pretty mild temps up here, with heavy snowfall for the last couple of days. We’ve been talking Fritzi and Greta out for carries (rather than walks!) every day which is great fun. We’re both dressed in winter gear head to toe, which makes it REALLY feel like Winter time. I really do love this time of year… there’s nothing quite like fresh snow on the ground.

Yesterday during a milder part of the day, we asked Larry (Charlotte’s Dad) to take a few shots of us while we were walking. I’m loving the snow in these shots… Pretty keen to do some engagement sessions during the Winter now that I’ve seen how cool it looks!!!

We’ll be back to blogging in a couple of days, but just wanted to say a quick hi and wish you all the very best for 2010. We’re very exciting about the coming year.

Warm wishes from Dave & Charlotte