Engagement Pictures in High Park, Toronto

Have you ever seen so much yellow??? Coming from Australia, I remember my first Canadian Autumn. I was so amazed, the colour was so vibrant and firey… Australia’s beautiful, but unless you’re Canadian, you probably haven’t experienced Autumn in all it’s glory. Standing in a forest of maple trees, the crisp Autumn air, and the LIGHT, oh the light. I just love it. There aren’t many experiences in nature as calming, or as soothing as walking through a forest in the Fall.


Jessica & Andrew knew they wanted to do their shoot in nature, surrounded by nature’s striking beauty… and we’re so glad they chose High Park, right down the street from our photography studio, for their engagement session.


The sun was shining, and the day seemed to reflect how these two are feeling about each other at this very special stage of their life together. They are both so obviously head over heals in love with one another!


I’m sure you can see in these photos just how much fun they have together!


I love these next two shots.. I feel like an engagement photography should show the connection between a couple, not just how they look when they smile at a camera – you know?



Here’s a cute little moment Jess & Andrew had with the simple direction of “head over there and hang out together… you know, have some fun”… they came up with the dancing! Love it 🙂



Charlotte broke out the tilt and shift lens to create this work of art… isn’t the way the trees blur out so beautiful?!


This next shot was almost the same moment, but with a very different lens – the 70-200. It’s such a stunning lens and can be the best for portraits!


We had such a wonderful time doing all these engagement pictures. Before we lost too much light with the sun going down, we headed down toward the lake to grab some final shots.





Walking back to our cars we saw a pool that’s been emptied and did a few playful, arty photos of our adorable couple.



Let us know what you think of the session – we love knowing what type of shots our readers like seeing more of!