Engagement Photography at Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

As much as we love how magical snow looks in our engagement photos, we were quite happily surprised to have a clear December day to do some awesome shots with our wicked cool clients Marco & Julie! We were stoked that they chose us to photograph their fabulous wedding at the Liberty Grand here in Toronto this coming July!One of the reasons why we were so excited to be photographing their day is because these guys have already seen us in action last August at Christina & David’s wedding! Christina & David were referred to us through our friends at Pink Twig, one of Toronto’s best florists :)… Don’t you just love how that happens?! We do, because almost all of our couples were referred to us one way or another!

Since these guys love Toronto as much as we do, we decided to hit up a couple cool locations around the city. The first stop was Toronto’s famous Distillery District. This is such a great location for engagement photos 🙂 I absolutely love the way the rich reds, coppers and oranges look on the pick up in this photo above! This was shot across the lane from Pikto, a professional photo lab we use quite a bit.

This is another shot I ADORE! Not only does Julie’s hair style look killer in this shot, but I love the way the brick buildings compliment the shades and depth of colour in her hair…

Here are a couple of candid pictures we caught when Dave cracked a joke! We love capturing the natural laughs between our couples. Too Cute!!!

Haha, here are a couple of sweet shots too!! We got Julie and Marco to play around for a bit and pose… Work it… work it!!

I love the Distillery so much for the cute little details you seem to find everywhere you turn! I love the wood work and design on this amazing wall.

As the sun went down we scooted over to the R.O.M. to grab this sexy shot in the rain. Julie and Marco loved my sister Tricia’s engagement shoot near the R.O.M. We thought it’d was cool to get a new angle on the museum to really capture all of the gorgeous architecture!

Here’s an example of the DVD slide show we offer our clients! Nothing better than having a custom slide show of their engagement pictures so they can sit back, relax and enjoy their images together. We’re so excited to be designing a custom engagement album for Marco and Julie as well!! We know we can create something amazing for them with all of the awesome pictures from their shoot. Thanks so much to Marco and Julie!! You guys were great and so open to our ideas… It really makes a huge difference when you’re up for anything!! Thanks guys!!!