Sandrina & Jay’s White Oaks Wedding

Sandrina and Jay met in Australia many moons ago… they connected right away and finally their wedding day is here. Sandrina and Jay are both huge music lovers, and decided to bring that theme to their wedding day…. that meant not only cool music during their reception, but cool accessories! They had some sweet details like cons on the flower girl and ring bearer, an Elvis sculpture and even Rock Band for guests to play during cocktail hour!

Here are some of the best shots of Sandrina getting prepped… what a stunning gown and such a gorgeous bride!


Check out the purple shoes – cool eh. I love this bouquet as well – a great mix of strong colour and soft texture.


Being photographers, one of our favourite things is having the opportunity to be witness to the connection between people. Isn’t this a lovely moment shared between mother and daughter?


Sandrina was so cool to let us get some artier shots of her. I love this shot of her behind the curtains…. We wanted to incorporate the Halloween spirit a bit 🙂


This next shot shows off Sandrina and her 6 stunning bridesmaids… We’ve seen this a a few times this year. Aren’t black dresses on bridesmaids awesome?


I know this next shot makes the ring bearer look like Michael Jordan, but he did have some assistance from his dad!


Jon Thorpe of Union Photo helped out by second shooting- he’s an excellent photographer and we’re always so pleased to have him along. He headed over and grabbed some shots of the guys “getting ready” for the ceremony 😉




I love this next photo. The thing about photojournalistic moments like this is the sense of anticipation… I love thinking about what’s going through the bride’s mind as she walks through those doors….


As Sandrina walked down the aisle I was on the outside of the seating trying to catch up with her! It made for this really cool shot though 😉


Sandrina and Jay shared their vows in front of a huge bank of windows. They had each person in their bridal party come up and share in a part of their ceremony – something we haven’t seen done before – but it added so much to their service. Very cool indeed.

11-wedding-ceremony-white-oaks 12-white-oaks-wedding

After vows were exchange, signatures were made and they’d had their first kiss; Jay, Sandrina and their whole wedding party threw on multi-coloured retro sun glasses and danced down the aisle!


With the ceremony over, we began the wedding party photos… This first shot was inspired by a shot I took a couple of years back which won an international wedding photography award at WPPI last year.



White Oaks Resort & Spa is a stunning setting for a wedding. The interior and exterior of the buildings, as well as the gardens…. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves… here we go.





The reception hall was amazing too, as the wedding party entered, they each did a performance of sorts, with the kids definitely stealing the show!


It took only seconds for the dance floor to open and it set an amazing tone for the whole night. There was lots of clapping, dancing and everyone was having a blast!!







As we were about to wrap up for the night, Jon had the idea to do this shot of the newlyweds standing outside by the tree filled with fairy lights…. and I’m very glad he did! Check out this amazing photograph that will be a perfect ending to their wedding album.