A Boat Party on Toronto’s Harbour

We often get calls from people who are planning a party to celebrate significant events in their life with people who are most important to them. It was such a call we got from Kamila & Asim last month.

We jumped straight into talking about a party they were planning to celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage with their friends & family here in Toronto… You see, much like Charlotte and I are planning to do, Kamila and Asim got married overseas.



After having a wedding with several hundred people in Pakistan last year, these guys wanted to create something a little more personal & intimate for their Toronto celebration.


The night was spent on a paddle steamer, traveling from harbour front out to Toronto Island, and cruising around the harbour. It was a relaxed night of fine food and some casual dancing.




At the end of the boat cruise, I asked Asim and Kamila if they’d like to do a few shots on the wharf before wrapping up the night – and they were very accommodating (trust me, it was cold out there!).




I hope you’ll agree that we got some great shots of them holding one another close. I’d say these were my favourite shots of the whole evening because of the obvious love and affection you can see between them.

Congratulations guys! I wish you both all the best in your long life together.