The White Party: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Dave and I feel like the luckiest people in the world! We really do have the coolest, most amazing clients you could ask for. We’re also so lucky that they fly us all around the world to photograph one of the most incredible times in their lives. With the cold winters we have to deal with living in Toronto, we’re counting our blessings that we have almost one destination wedding every month until June! Take that Jack Frost 🙂 Fiona and Bobby are one of these awesome couples that we immediately knew we wanted to book. Check out their White Party at the 5 star Royal Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!


white party photography mexico 1

When Fiona first came by our studio we actually sat and chatted for 3 HOURS! We had such an immediate connection with her, she was such a sweetie, we even felt a little sad to see her go after our meeting! We covered everything from Australian rock bands to how we both share the amazing talent of curling our hair with a thin barreled hair straightener… haha, how funny is that?!


We were also pretty amazed when we asked Fiona about herself and she dropped a “Balmshell” on us! Fiona and her identical twin sister Jen created this super cool company called Balmshell. It’s an awesome stick free lip-gloss that’s hit the shelves of Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Marts everywhere. Their awesome brand was a part of the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie and has been used in the gift bags for the Oscars!!! Yes, even Megan Fox and Fergie use Balmshell! Check out what Entertainment Tonight and  Donny Deutsch had to say about their amazing product!  I know, I digress, but this is exciting stuff!!


As we found out more about Fiona and Bobby’s wedding, she told us that they had a really cool beach party lined up the day before the ceremony. When we arrived to shoot the party it was better than we ever had imagined!! The theme was for everyone to wear white and it looked absolutely stunning!  It was also a great way to welcome everyone to Mexico and meet n’ mingle before the big wedding celebrations. The White Party on the beach was so much fun for everyone!


Fiona and Bobby had a mariachi band that played requests for the crowd, they were the best! They both passed out maracas so the guests could take part in the percussion- Ole!




Dining on the beach is such a great experience. There is something about having a meal under the stars and feeling the sand between your toes that you just can’t beat 🙂


I love this shot of Fiona’s sister Jen and her husband. Isn’t it amazing how much Fiona and Jen look alike!



I loved these shots Dave set up of the bridal party… very Vanity Fair. I also loved how Fiona and Bobby had white leather couches and seating areas set up around the beach. The White Party had the vibe of a lounge you’d find back home in Toronto. Amazing job guys!


The energy was high and the air was filled with laughter as the girls danced to the mariachi band in the sand.





What a exciting way to have pre-wedding celebrations in the Mayan Riviera! Great job Fiona and Bobby! You really know how to through a great party. Stay tuned to the Blog for their stunning wedding and same day slide show from sunny Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!!

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