Alvin & Erin’s Beautiful Wedding


In case you haven’t noticed Dave and I are shooting A-LOT of weddings this year! There is only the two of us but this year we’re quickly approaching the 50 mark for 2009 bookings. I guess you could say we’re taking on all of these bookings because we’re mildly obsessed with shooting weddings… in a healthy way of course;) We were chatting the other day about maybe limiting the number of weddings we shoot to only one per weekend but then, actually started feeling a bit sad with just the thought of it all. Was it because of all of the fun we get to have being a part of so many weddings, or capturing the unique moments of true emotion for our couples that only happen on their wedding day, or just because we become good friends with all of the clients we photograph.


Whatever it is, I don’t see us turning people away for free wedding dates any time soon. We also have an amazing editor Stacey which we adore and she helps our work flow to keep rockin’ . We just LOVE shooting weddings way too much, and here’s why…


We shot a three day weekend when we had the honour to be a part of Alvin and Erin’s wedding day and I don’t think we would have missed it for the world. I absolutely love this shot of Alvin, it makes me tear up just looking at it. He can barely hold back his emotion as he sees Erin for the first time. What a sweet and honest moment that they will always get to remember because it was captured in a photograph.




What a gorgeous church and ceremony. Erin looked so elegant in her silk fit to flare gown.




Such a happy couple!! What a rush they must have felt walking down the aisle with their friends and family cheering them on! They were just glowing after they said “I do”.



Ahhh, I love this shot Dave captured below. Alvin gives Erin a gentle kiss on her shoulder as they leave the church together.


Here’s one of my personal favourites from the bridal shoot we photographed in downtown Toronto. I posed Erin up so this tiny strip of light would illuminate her face while Alvin went in for a little kiss and voila, pure wedding day magic!!


I would not want to mess with this smokin’ bridal party!! Lookin’ bad @$$ guys!



We were setting the groomsmen up for a “proper” shot and these guys couldn’t help to joke around and have a few laughs. They seriously had to have been the funniest groomsmen we’ve had the pleasure to shoot in a while. It was like hanging around with traveling band of comedians all day!!


If you look up the meaning of “foxy” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’d see this picture below. Great job girls!!


We had some fun with the shadows as the groomsmen lit up some wedding day stogies in celebration.


Before heading to the reception, we made a stop at one of Toronto’s most well known landmarks, The Gladstone Hotel. The Gladstone has to be one of the best hotels in Toronto. We love the artistic style and design of the rooms and they have such a cool take their hotel.


Erin and Alvin cruised the streets in style on their wedding day. Check out their ride, what a gorgeous Bentley!



I don’t think you’ll find prouder parents out there than these. If there’s one thing for sure they adore their children!





Alvin and Erin’s reception took place at the Old Mill, here in Toronto. They had a stunning wedding reception that was so much fun for their friends and family.


I love these first dance shots. It’s like you can feel the strong connection these two have for one another.



Remember Alvin and Erin’s tea ceremony we blogged about a couple of days ago… well the fun and games didn’t end there. Dave and I were so shocked that these shots actually turned out because we were laughing so hard. No Chinese wedding would be complete with out some fun and games to entertain the guests! Erin had to feel each of the groomsman’s behinds to guess which one was her new husband… It was a difficult task (mainly because Alvin switched his spot a couple of times, hehe) but she got it right in the end!!



Check out this groomsman’s expression, lol, hysterical!!



This wedding was full of entertainment and fun. We even had one cool lookin’ guest come up and work some of his Michael Jackson dance moves for us all!! I think Simon would agree that he’s definitely got the “X” Factor!




I know this is a long post, we had such a difficult time narrowing it down with so many awesome images to choose from, but here is a few more of our faves 🙂 I love this shot of Alvin joyfully looking on as Erin and her dad enjoy their father/daughter dance together. You can see that Alvin has soo much love for Erin. What a sweet couple.


Thanks to everyone that made our photography experience so memorable. We absolutely had the time of our life shooting this wedding and we wish Alvin and Erin all the very best and a future filled with joy and love! Congratulations you two!!