Amanda and John’s Niagara Vineyard Wedding

Check out John and Amanda’s same day slide show and don’t forget to click the HD icon and go full screen for the ultimate experience!!! Dave and I have recently begun adding video footage created on our 5D MkIIs to the coverage we provide to our clients… So we’re pleased to share this sample of fusion video to you all at the end of this post. In future videos we’ll also be integrating the audio from the ceremony and speeches… can’t wait to see how this new product evolves… I certainly see huge potential for creating even more emotionally charged wedding day stories for our wonderful clients. GO Canon!!



We love our dogs so much! They are sooo spoiled. We spend hours with them at the park playing fetch or giving them swimming lessons at the beach. We give them thousands of kisses and cuddles a day and yummy treats now and then. They really are so much a part of our lives it would just feel wrong not to have them be a part of our wedding celebrations somehow. I have a feeling they’ll made an appearance at our wedding reception here in Toronto when we get back from our destination wedding in Perth, Australia. If you consider your pets to be your “furry kids” like we do, you may understand why John and Amanda wanted to incorporate their little darling dogs Gunner and Bailey into their big day- tuxedos and all 😉


As you can tell from our blog, we shoot destination weddings all over the world but we primarily photograph weddings here in Toronto. We haven’t had too many opportunities to photograph in the elegance and beauty that Niagara region has to offer so we were pretty excited when we got this inquiry. It’s actually a huge coincidence! We were so thrilled to be shooting a gorgeous vineyard wedding at The Inn on the Twenty when we booked John and Amanda last year for the August 29th date. They told us all about Gunner and Bailey and how they would be there on the big day.

Amanda is a veterinarian and has rescued many animals big and small, cats and dogs and they soon become a part of the family. It’s so nice to see someone with a big soft spot for animals like us. We were stoked to finally have a wedding that featured some four legged friends. A few months later we booked Steve and Michelle, also having a wedding at The Inn on the Twenty and also including a cute doggy sporting a tux… awwwww! That’s not all, they were having the wedding ceremony the day before, August 28th, at the exact same location, how wild is that?!? Hey it gave us a great excuse to stay a couple of nights in Niagara-on-the Lake… sweet!!


Ok, back to the wedding!! When we arrived to Amanda’s bridal suite the room was buzzing with the sound of wedding day chit chat! We got started right away shooting all of the lovely details. I LOVED the detail of Amanda’s Paloma Blanca gown and Stuart Weitzman shoes.


I also LOVED Amanda’s bird cage veil. So glamorous and perfect for a vineyard wedding.


Amanda’s four bridesmaids and two maids of honour were sooo much fun, seriously hilarious!! We’ll be photographing Amanda’s sister Samantha (above-third from the left) next year. The way Sam had us cracking up all day, there is no doubt we’ll be laughing up a storm when we get to tag along on her wedding day 🙂


The girls arrived via golf cart and were trying so carefully not to be seen by the groom. They all giggled and hid behind the grapevines until it was time to make their entrance.



They had an enchanting wedding ceremony in the vineyard, full of romance and style!


Gunner and Bailey escorted the newlyweds down the aisle and jumped up on the bride and groom to show their excitement!



What a good looking bridal party!!


Since the forecast was calling for thundershowers… eeeek, it was nice to have big blue skies and lots of sunshine during the ceremony.


But as you can see when I took the grooms-people out for a few shots these awesome clouds rolled in to make a dramatic appearance.


When I told John to strut his stuff for the camera, his sisters had to tease him just a little bit… They always have to pick on the groom eh John, lol!



I love this shot of Dave’s below… Soo arty and cool.


Haha, I love this shot of these crazy kids on the runaway golf cart… See what I mean, Sam is too funny, lol!



This shot of Dave’s rocks! Check out all of the little moments and expressions between the bridal party… It truly captured all of the fun they were having- Love it!


Another great shot of Amanda, she was absolutely elegant, what a beautiful bride.


I wanted to have a little bit of quirky fun with Amanda and John so I posed ’em up and told them they weren’t allowed to smile… Haha- it’s harder than it looks when Dave’s joking around in the background, what a fun wedding day!


Congratulations guys. What a gorgeous wedding, we were so happy to be a part of it with you both! We look forward to seeing you guys again soon and don’t forget to bring the doggies!!


Check out Amanda and John’s awesome wedding entrance dance! You won’t believe how they can move, talk about skills. They worked with a choreographer to surprise their friends and family with this bootylicious groove. They did such an amazing job our video even made CBC Newsworld!!! Beyonce… can you handle that?!?