Alvin & Erin’s Chinese Tea Ceremony

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We love the experiences that we get to be a part of at each wedding we photograph. No matter the culture or style of a wedding, we enjoy the way our couples make their wedding uniquely their own. Chinese weddings have to be high on our list of favourites. We love capturing all of the excitement, fun and tradition that comes hand and hand with a Chinese wedding.

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Erin and Alvin held their tea ceremony the day before their elegant and sophisticated wedding here in Toronto. In case your not sure what tea ceremonies are all about, they’re a way for the bride and groom to honour their families and also a way for relatives to extend words of love, advice and present red envelopes with jewelry or gifts of money to the couple. Tea ceremonies can take place before or after a wedding and is also a way to introduce the bride and grooms families to each other.

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Alvin and Erin’s Chinese tea ceremony was some of the best fun Dave and I have had in a while! The festivities were fabulously decorated in red to bring luck and good fortune. Red signifies love, joy and prosperity and is used in a variety of ways in Chinese wedding traditions. The bride’s wedding gown is often red, as are the wedding invitations, menus, and wedding gift boxes. Erin wore a traditional red Chinese dress for the tea ceremony and looked simply stunning.


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Both sides of Erin and Alvin’s family took part in the tradition. They sipped tea, wished the couple well as they began their new life together and passed on red envelopes to show their love and support for the happy couple.

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Remember how I was saying that this tea ceremony was some of the best fun Dave and I have had in a while… Well… let the games begin! Alvin’s younger cousins and relatives had a special surprise for the soon to be married couple. They handed off four tea cups with a spicy, salty, sour or sweet surprise in each. Both Alvin and Erin had to drink the wild concoctions that were made especially for them. Take a look at Alvin’s expression after this hot n’ spicy sip, lol!!

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This next game had everyone laughing, it was so hilarious it almost had us all in tears! The object to this game was for Erin to be blindfolded, take a hard boiled egg and feed it trough Alvin’s pant leg until it came out the other side.


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It took a while but Alvin stood proud as everyone cheered them on!

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What a great time we had! Thanks for inviting us to take part in your awesome tea ceremony guys! We’ll have some of Alvin & Erin’s awesome wedding picks up shortly…