Engagement Photos at Mac

Charlotte and I just arrived home after shooting the tea ceremony of two awesome people – Erin & Alvin. We’ll be photographing their wedding tomorrow, and wanted to share some of the images we created during their engagement session.. we’ve been a little behind with our blogging with such a busy wedding season.

Whenever we first meet with new clients, we inevitable get to chatting about how they met and begin to discover their love story… For these guys it’s a great story. They met on Erin’s first day of school (or Uni as you say it in Australian!). Alvin had volunteered to show the newbies around campus and help them settle into their residences. Needless to say, a cute young lass with long curly locks caught his eye. They became friends and soon their love for one another was blossoming.

So it’s with their story that we all decided that it’s make sense to visit their old stomping ground. We headed up on a lazy afternoon during the summer and wandered through the campus as they told us about the various stories they had as each location brought back different memories.




After shooting outside for a while we decided to cruise into the math building to get some cool shots… I love these photos that Charlotte came up with… cool right?! She’s definitely got a great sense for the quirky.



I’m sure you can tell that these guys are pretty down to earth – well we had to coax Erin to rock this fashion pose – but rock it she did!



We then headed down to a favourite spot of both theirs and ours for long bush walks… Websters Falls (just up the hill from Dundas if you ever want to check it out).




It was a really fun engagement shoot and we’re stoked to be shooting your wedding tomorrow guys!! Sleep well 🙂