Dave & Christina’s Wedding at Toronto’s Rosewater Room

I truly LOVE wedding season. Not only is it a chance for us to reconnect with all of our couples from over the last year but it’s so nice to see their wedding day plans come to fruition. It’s so great how the bride and groom seem to think of all the little things that really make a wedding day memorable.

24-wedding photography at toronto's brickworks

When Christina and Dave crossed floral arrangements off their wedding day checklist, they also got a referral for their wedding photography. Our awesome friends at Pink Twig , a stylish and modern floral boutique here in Toronto, told the newly engaged couple about our work! Thanks Pink Twig, you’re the best!!


We LOVE their work and they have this amazing ability to create the most unique and fashionable floral designs for your wedding day. If you’re a bride to be and haven’t heard of Pink Twig yet we highly recommend them.

08-bride ready to leave for the church with her bridesmaids

02-wedding shoe detail photo

Dave and I arrived at Christina’s house excited for our day of shooting and for the bride and groom to be. Christina and Dave had been waiting for this day for such a long time and for it to finally be here, meant so much to them.

03-a candid photo of the bride in her gown

04-bride with her bridesmaids and mother getting dressed

Christina’s face illuminated as she put on her veil, it was like someone turned on a light switch. What a gorgeous bride!

05-a beautiful pic of the bride once she's ready

I love these little moments… When a mother holds her little girl for one of the last times before she’s married. You could feel the love and the energy between mother and daughter. What a beautiful time in their lives.

06-bride hugging her mum

01-wedding pearls and hair piece

Wow, yet another stunning shot of our gorgeous bride! She looks so elegant; almost like a beautiful piece of fine art.

07-christina looking like a hollywood godess

09-Christina with her parents

Some of the other moments we love are the beautiful wedding day photojournalism. Candid photos that just happen. Such a simple shot and so elegant. I just love these “waiting” shots!

10-the bride in the limo on the way to the church

11-the groom looks on as his bride walks down the aisle

12-a small loving gesture as the rings are exchanged

The ceremony was so moving and the priest had so many kind words of encouragement and love for the newlywed couple.

13-bride and groom lighting the unity candle

We always do our best to get great ceremony coverage while at the same time staying out of sight not to disrupt the service. Dave and I were really honoured when the priest took a moment to thank us at the end of the Catholic wedding ceremony for being the most respectful photographers he’s had in his church in a long time… Wow, that was so nice of him!

14-catholic wedding ceremony toronto

16-one of my favourite candid moments of the day

We had a few locations in mind for the bridal party shots but Christina and Dave absolutely loved the Brickworks- and for good reason!

17-bride and groom making out in the field

This has got to be one of the best locations for wedding photos in Toronto! We love discovering new spots for our bridal portraits and wedding party photographs. It really is difficult to shoot in the same spot twice at the Brickworks… the possibilities are endless! This is actually the same spot Christina and Dave chose to do their engagement shoot. We love the combination of the grungy brick walls and the lush and vibrant meadows!

15-toronto wedding photography

18-wedding photos at torontos brickworks greeenspace

19-the groomsmen looking very cool

20-the groom rockin it

I LOVE this shot Dave grabbed with the orange background. Soo cool.

21-best wedding party photo toronto

22-dave and christinas wedding party looking rather awesome

I wanted to try a quirky shot of the bridal party posin’ with some attitude 😉 I used our tilt shift lens for this one so I could have some fun and blur out their toes.

23-quirky wedding party photo shot with the tilt and shift

25-wedding pic downtown in toronto with streetcar and taxi

If you are looking for a gorgeous wedding venue in Toronto try the Rosewater Supper Club, it’s superb. So full of class and style not to mention elegantly designed both inside and out!

26-wedding photo at the rosewater room

We were so lucky to have a day full of sunshine and bliss. When we made our way to the Rosewater Room it clouded over for a bit. We couldn’t resist heading inside this cute little wine bar for a quick photo op!

27-bride and groom chilling in a cafe, quirky real photos

Dave went outside to shoot through the window and pick up some of the reflections in the glass.

28-photojournalism wedding pic of the couple having champagne

I stayed inside with our couple and caught some really sweet, candid moments of the two of them enjoying some wedding day champagne! It was nice for them to relax and take it all in.

29-wedding photo of couple drinking champagne in a bar

30-cool angle for a wedding photo at the rosewater supper club, toronto

31-the rosewater room, toronto

Christina and Dave wanted to incorporate their first date into the wedding day. They reminisced about cooking up a storm together with ingredients and spices that they found in Kensington Market (a little funky and eclectic must see spot in Toronto). We thought it was such a brilliant idea that they gave the same spices they used on their date as wedding favours!! Hmmm… sounds to me like a recipe for love.

32-one of our best weddding details photo of the day

33-wedding details at the rosewater room toronto

34-cute pic of the flowergirl

What an entrance!! They totally looked like Hollywood celebs :).

35-the bride and groom entering their reception at the rosewater room

36-first dance at the rosewater room, toronto

I don’t know whats happening lately, but whatever it is we love it. All of our weddings have had the most amazingly sweet, emotional and deeply loving wedding speeches. Dave and I have become so sensitive to the kind words couples have for each other that it’s really getting difficult to hold back our own tears. Dave and Christina definitely had one of those moments. We were particularly choked up when Christina spoke on what a kind, loving, generous and amazing man she had found in Dave. How they are best friends and even though it was a long and sometimes difficult time while he was in medical school they made it through together. I know we were both teary eyed when Dave spoke of how he told his best man that he knew after his first date with Christina he was going to marry her one day.

38-the bride shed a tear as the groom makes his speach

37-an intimate moment between the bride and groom

They truly are such a sweet couple. We were so blown away by their kindness and hospitality on their wedding day. Here’s a note they sent us after their honeymoon we’re so excited to share with you all:

Hey Dave and Charlotte!!
Dave and I just got back from our awesome honeymoon in Morocco and Spain and we just wanted to express how much we loved having you both photograph our wedding day. You both went above and beyond the role of photographers! Thank you!
We both just came to really appreciate how you were never ‘in our face’ from the church to the reception. We’ve been to weddings where the photo and video guys were always blocking the bride and groom and the guests never had a chance to see them and be emotionally involved with the church service, and speeches. Thanks for balancing taking amazing shots, while still letting our guests really be in the moment. We really had an amazing time at the wedding and we can’t wait to see the photos!!!
The engagement shots you took rock!! Everyone thinks you were up on some crazy tall ladder for the first shot (in the grass)! The photos look so good – we are really happy to have you capture our love in such a beautiful way!!

Thanks again,
Talk to you soon,
Christina and Dave