Pam & Ian’s Wedding, The Toronto School of Circus Arts

Every now and then someone will ask Dave and I “Who will shoot your wedding?” We usually reply “Hmmm, we just planned on shooting it ourselves, what else would we do… wink, wink!” As much fun as it could be, we just won’t be able to be the photographers on our wedding day! If there is one thing for sure, our standards are pretty high in the wedding photo department. We’ll certainly have a hard time choosing between the amazing wedding photographers we have in mind. I guess some of the same feelings went for Pam and Ian when it came to their wedding. Pam is an absolutely incredible wedding planner that was based out of London, England. When they were planning their wedding here in Toronto, the couple knew they had some amazing ideas but would need some assistance to bring them to life. Currie Ross was their wedding planner/eyes and ears here Toronto while they were living in London and Currie put us in touch with bride and groom to be.

02-a great ring photo by charlotte

As we chatted with Currie about the the amazing Jewish wedding that was planned it almost felt like we had slipped out of reality for a moment. This was by far the most original and unique wedding we had heard of yet. We were captivated by all of the ethereal and spectacular plans for the event. Keep reading you’ll see what I mean!

01-the lads waiting for the day to kick off

An intimate wedding ceremony took place in Pam and Ian’s beautiful home. The garden was filled with music, champagne the chit chat of friends and family. A tent shaded the guests from the sun and the gorgeous chuppah made of floral arrangements greeted the bride and groom at the end of the aisle. When I was told about the tradition of the chuppah I thought it was so lovely and meaningful… It signifies that both bride and groom are joining as one under the same roof.

03-the rabi getting ready to sign the

Pam and Ian are always keeping each other laughing and full of smiles. You can see the joy and emotion they felt during their wedding vows. Weddings are such a wonderful time in peoples lives, we’re so happy that it’s our job to document all of these joyful moments!

04-a jewish custom-where the bride circles the groom 7 times

06-guest watch on as the couple stand under the chuppah

07-a great photojournalism shot of the rabbi, bride and groom in the chuppah

No Jewish wedding would be complete with out the traditional breaking of the glass!! Mazel tov!!

08-the jewish wedding ritual of breaking the glass

09-a laugh shared between the bride and groom

Isn’t this such a cute shot, Pam trying to find her way out of the veil for their kiss. You can see how much fun they were having, what a great couple!

10-the pivital moment right before the bride and groom kiss

11-the groom having a laugh atop the chair

As friends and family enjoyed wedding day Hors’ Dourves, pastries, crepes, cakes, and many other delectable treats, we stole the newlyweds away for a few quick shots. You can see they are still glowing from the excitement from the ceremony.

12-happily married

16-champagne glasses

12B-what a stunning wedding dress and veil

15-wedding day details

The intimate garden ceremony was full of gorgeous wedding day details. You could tell that every floral arrangement was designed with finesse and care.

13-hor derves and wedding day details

14-sushi at the reception

At last, the grand wedding reception! The next day, celebrations continued at The Toronto School of Circus Arts. The plan for the evening was unlike anything we could ever dream of. Full of excitement, entertainment and surprise!

17-toronto circus performers at the reception

The event had three national themes… Canadian, British and South African. It was nice to see the marriage between the three countries designed into one opulent wedding reception. Pam and Ian now live in Canada, but lived in London and fell in love with the city and being South African by birth wanted to incorporate their roots. What an amazing idea, and it was incredible how they brought it all together.

18-table decor at the wedding reception

18B-sulu warriors stand guard

19-family photo

Acrobats swung from the ceiling offering Champagne to the guests below.

39-circus performers set off a wonderful evening

20-breaking bread

So much entertainment and so much for the senses! Take a look at the British themed room on the left… Can you believe performers were bathing in bath tubs of chocolate, how cool is that!?!

21-the amazing english themed room setup

I love the wedding cake design as well. Each tier had the wedding theme incorporated. Canadian, British and South African… I love the darling little elephant on the bottom tier :).

22-the live band and the awesome LOVE logos

Remember what I was saying about details… Check out the “LOVE” podiums!

34-a glowing reception with amazing event design

23-the dance floor opens

The night was filled with live music, dancing and performances. What a spectacular event!

24-the energy of the dance floor

Pure wedding day bliss, I love this shot of Pam having the time of her life on her wedding day. That’s how it should be for every bride!

25-the gladdening of the bride

Pam and Ian look so happy and in love as they listened to the wedding speeches together. You can see the emotion in their eyes. So sweet.

26-a sweet moment shared between the newly weds

28-the kids perform for their parents

29-the boys are rockin it

The kids performances got a giggle out of mom and dad, so cute!

27-the best medicine

30-proud mum and gorgeous bride

42-the bride gives a speech

35-jazz hands

32-what a sweet look on the grooms face during the first dance

What a way to celebrate the love of marriage, life, friends and family. They really blew us away, what an evening!

33-the bride having a good laugh

36-two dancers performing a dramatic ballet

37-male and femail ballet dancers

38-ballet dancers

Here’s to Pam and Ian for one fantastic wedding and reception. So much love, laughter and fun! We want to wish you both the very best and enjoy this amazing new chapter in your lives. A very special thanks to Claudia Hung for her help with the wedding reception, great work Claudia!

40-having a ball