Beautiful Persian Wedding at The Manor in Kettleby

Some of you may remember Sara & Hami’s gorgeous engagement session we photographed at one of our favourite spots, The Berkeley Church, Toronto. We had so much fun that day, playing around and utilizing all of the cool shooting locations and discovering new ones we hadn’t seen before. No wonder they had hundreds of “keepers” from the shoot. They’re even ordering a stunning engagement album to showcase all of their awesome images!!

In the morning I met Sara at the Hilton Suites downtown Toronto to take some shots of her getting ready with her girls. She looked so glamorous even before she put on her opulent Maggie Soterro wedding gown. Sara had to be one of the prettiest brides I had ever seen- she just looked gorgeous! When the suite full of Sara’s friends and family were ready to go we went down into the lobby where the anticipation was building!! Hami was waiting downstairs for his “First Look” of his beautiful bride to be. When he saw her for the first time you could tell he was awe-struck and nothing but smiles!

maggie sottoro persian bride

most beautiful persian bride






We took them out in a bit of wedding day rain for a few shots with their wedding umbrellas, the rain really added to the romance. We then headed to the limo for some more shots at Victoria College, another great location for wedding photos right here in Toronto! We played around and had a good time with the bridal party and gave the two soon to be newlyweds a bit of time alone before the ceremony to enjoy some relaxing time together.




We arrived at The Manor in Kettleby unsure what the weather might bring. It was cloudy, sunny, rainy and combination of the three while we were shooting. It was actually quite nice to have a bit of overcast and little drops of rain because it gave the girls an excuse to use the cute little paper umbrellas they had with them and the cloud created a nice even glow to the photographs. As Sara walked down the aisle, Hami felt the same anticipation as before but was lucky enough to experience it now for the second time!! How awesome is that?! Dave and I have officially decided that we want to have a “First Look” at our wedding and enjoy being a part of the rest of the wedding with our guests!








They ended the ceremony by releasing some vibrant Monarch Butterflies that fluttered around and kept flying over and landing on Sara like they knew she was the bride.

The ceremony was so beautiful. If you haven’t been to a Persian wedding before it really is a great experience. It’s a night filled with beauty, colour, laughing, dancing and just a genuine celebration of the couples love for one another. As soon as the music starts everyone, grandma’s, grandpa’s, kids, aunties and uncles, yes everyone hits dance floor with the couple. It is sooooo much fun, everyone is having a blast and the tables are empty right up until the food is served, of course!! 🙂




Sara and her wedding planner worked very hard to create the dream wedding decor. Sara wanted a red wedding with fresh red roses and candles, it looked visually stunning in the photographs. Sara and Hami also loved a shot of the two of them against a red wall from their engagement shoot and had it made into a gorgeous panorama canvas to go with the theme from their wedding day… Awesome idea guys!







Dave and I were stoked to be a part of such a fabulous time in their lives! At the end of a very long shooting day we were a bit tired but so stoked to have sooo many great shots from the wedding. Just like the engagement session, these guys rocked it and had so many great images from their day.





If you didn’t watch it yet, check out the slideshow of the wedding day and congrats to Sara and Hami!!