Ankush & Lina’s Mehndi Celebrations

We are so excited, it’s finally here!! The blog posts from Ankush and Lina’s amazing, extravagant, incredible wedding in New Delhi, India!!! What an awesome time we had away with them. We were soo stoked to get the blog post up right away but with soooo many fabulous images to choose from it was not an easy task. Plus you through wedding season into the mix and selecting our faves was even more difficult.

We figured we’d sit down Thursday night for a few hours to go through the shots before we left Friday for Jay & Audrey’s wedding at Taboo in Muskoka and then Jessica & Faruk’s wedding at Graydon Hall back here in Toronto on Saturday!!

The wedding was so much more than we ever could have imagined in our wildest dreams and we’ll get to that post next. The celebrations started off with a mehndi ceremony for all of the ladies. Mehndi is made out of Henna and is used to create gorgeous designs in celebration of the couples soon to be marriage. They say the darker the pigment gets, the more your Mother-in-Law loves you 🙂

All of the ladies along for the ceremony were given unique designs for their palms and for some the back of their hands as well. Even I had a chance to have a little mehndi done!


Ankush and Lina’s little sweetheart Marianna, kept us giggling through out the party. She was so careful not to smudge her design. It just looks so cute on little fingers, doesn’t it?!



Lina waited patiently for hours as she had her wedding day mehndi application done. It was so perfectly applied, it really is a work of art. It was so beautiful and she had it applied to her arms and legs for an absolutely stunning result.


charlotte getting her hanna done



After the mehndi party, we made our way to the Ladies celebration. There were so many colours and so much fun, singing and laughter- A true celebration for the couple!


Ankush and Lina’s friends and family, including their Mothers, Aunties, Grandmas, Cousins and Nieces took part in welcoming and blessing the new marriage.


They acted out humourus skits for Ankush and Lina, danced and sang. Everyone was having an incredible time!




I love this shot below. Hindu ceremony’s are so beautiful and every ritual has such meaning.


After the Ladies Ceremony Ankush and Lina had a good time with everyone partying to the music and even asked Dave and I to join them for some dancing to celebrate! We had a good laugh at our rusty dancing skills. It was so like Ankush and Lina to ask us put our cameras down and join in for some of the fun! They were always so accommodating making sure we had everything we needed and welcomed us like a part of the family. Such a sweet couple, they truly have become our friends!


You can see a bit of Ankush’s sense of humour here. He was always getting a giggle out of Lina and such a charmer with those dance moves!




At the end of the celebration we took the couple outside for a few quick shots on the grounds of the reception hall. Little fairy lights were swinging in the palm trees, so romantic! It was a nice chance for them to have a bit of time together before the Hindu wedding ceremony the next day.



Check out the blog tomorrow for Ankush and Lina’s gorgeous wedding in New Delhi, India.