Greg & Andrea’s E-Shoot

Being a photographer is my dream job. Every time we go out to a shoot, it’s to create art – heirlooms – momentous of our client’s love for one another.

The relationship between each couple we have the fortune to photograph is different. Some couples are quiet, relaxed and subdued together, others spend almost an entire engagement session laughing, joking, kissing and cuddling. Other times, I can see in couples a delight to be together that is far more significant than what they say or do.

It’s during sessions like these that I fall more in love with my darling fiance as well. Seeing peoples expressions of affection and love toward one another is a powerful thing. As photographers, we’re invited by the couple to witness these shared moments and participate in the relationship – sometimes for moments, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Engagement-Picture-03-sunlight creates lensflare and dust particles catch the light

When Greg contacted us, he had just asked his dream girl to marry him, and not surprisingly he wanted to record the way they were both feeling! Photography is a powerful way to do this.

During the planning of their session, Greg described the way he would like the session to be – relaxed, not overly romanticized and fashionable, with an edge. Sounded good to us!

The session began overlooking Lake Ontario on the Humber Bay Bridge. We did some pretty cool pics using off camera light to create a fashion look (it’s called cross lighting if you’re interested)

Engagement-Pictures-04-Cross lighting on location, toronto

Don’t you just love this candid of them during the set up?

Engagement-Pictures-Candid at Humber bay bridge

As sunset approached, we decided to head to a newly discovered – and quickly becoming favourite – location of mine… It’s the abandoned headquarters of Kodak Canada. Greg and Andrea had a quick change of wardrobe and we began shooting as the sun was hitting the horizon. Ahhhh, Magic Hour. This is one of my favourite photos of the day… Feels like it could be straight out of Vanity Fair, no?


I love the energy in the picture below… can’t you just feel the love between them?


Isn’t this next shot of them super sexy? I love the soft tones of the sunset behind them.

Engagement-Pictures-Kissing at sunset with off camera pro light

Okay, and now for one of the best guy shots we’ve done this year… How cool is Greg?! And Andrea’s legs are rockin eh. You guys look awesome!

Engagement-Pictures-05-Sexy shot of the guy

We wrapped up the shoot with some nice relaxed portraits of Greg and Andrea cuddling. Aren’t they a stunning couple!?

Engagement-Pictures-01-posed with a lot of love

Engagement-fashion shoot

We’ve just arrived on Naxos, one of the Greek Islands – lovely day here – we’re about to head out for a swim… We’ll have some more blog posts up soon.. Paris was amazing!!! Will share that with you asap and catch you up on our last few weddings – including India!