Rachel and Sonny’s Stunning Indian Wedding Slideshow

I know we’re a few blog posts behind and readers have been emailing us excited to see the posts from our AWESOME weddings we’ve been lucky enough to photograph this summer. They have been especially anticipating the wedding we photographed in India a few weeks back. We’ll post some pics soon…  There are just SOOOO many amazing images from the weddings this summer and we have to narrow the post down to about 10 shots! Hard work with all of the cute couples we’ve had 😉 If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ll remember the last post we wrote about Rachel and Sonny’s engagement shoot in Oakville. They just had their beautiful Indian wedding this Saturday and it was a spectacular event!

This year it seems that almost all of our clients have been really excited to get a Same Day Wedding Sideshow to present at the reception. It’s such an amazing thing for newlyweds to experience all of the parts of the day they didn’t get to see during the reception. We love the way it makes our clients feel and it has soo much power and emotion when it’s presented on the day they’re married. What an incredible job we have photographing some of the most meaningful moments of a couples live and documenting it forever. We truly love what we do!

Rachel and Sonny had such a gorgeous Sikh wedding. All of the vibrant colours, dancing, music, and love from family and friends made for one incredible wedding experience. Sonny was looking rather charming when he arrived to the temple on horseback. Little Rylie, their five year old daughter, was ecstatic to ride along with Sonny to meet Rachel at the temple. You could tell that she felt like a little movie star up there as she waved and giggled at the crowd! She was so adorable!!

Rachel waited in the limo as Sonny arrived and when it was time for her to walk down the aisle she looked absolutely gorgeous!!! She took our breath away with her beauty, what a stunning bride.

Here is what we presented at the reception. It was so nice to be able to share these images with Rachel and Sonny so soon after the ceremony. We know how much these images will mean to them through out their lives and we were so happy that we could be there to enjoy their day with them! Thanks Rachel, Sonny and little Rylie!!!

Your “Photogra-Friends”,

Charlotte & Dave  🙂