Dave & Christina at the Brickworks


Every engagement session is different. We believe it should be as unique as the couples we photograph.

As we meet with a couple and discover where they are on their journey together we are able to participate in that journey – albeit briefly. We love giving our soon to be married couples a few hours of stillness amidst all the chaos that comes with planning a wedding. Priceless uninterrupted time to just be- together.

Dave and Christina were married this past weekend – it was a wonderful day, with the rain holding off until 10 minutes after the reception began. The universe couldn’t have planned it better for this sweet couple. We’ll definitely blog the wedding images soon too πŸ™‚




On Monday we got together to create a set of engagement pictures. They had only just arrived in Toronto as Dave finished his semester of medical school on the gorgeous tropical island of Saba. We met up at the Brickworks for the shoot and they began an evening of just being together. The shoot was relaxed, casual and full of candid moments.

As two busy people planning a wedding ourselves, it’s easy to see that life can get ahead of you fast. Before you know it, there hasn’t been a slow time where you’ve had the chance to hold, caress and even look into the eyes of your partner. Do you know what I’m talking about?

While I can’t speak for Dave and Christina, I got the distinct feeling that with only days to go before their wedding, having the chance to really breath one another in… to hold each other, to laugh together and to just have an excuse to be together was just what the doctor ordered.



After a stroll among the ponds that hide behind the famous brickworks, we jumped into our cars and drove downtown to Toronto’s Kensington Market – where Dave and Christina first fell in love. You see, Dave decided to make a good impression on his first date, he wanted to cook an amazingly delicious meal for Christina. So they headed down to Kensington and shopped for fresh produce to cook up a storm. Evidently, it worked well!





Thanks so much for letting us be a part of such an important and special time in your lives. Photos from Dave and Christina’s gorgeous wedding in the Rosewater Room at the Rosewater Supper Club will be posted soon!