Josh & Amanda : Love in the Greek Islands



It’s been about a week or so since we last blogged… We seriously have to get a full time blogger on staff lol, especially since we have well over 40 weddings booked for 2009 (no joke!!!) The summer heat is HERE!! We are super stoked to shoot all of the AWESOME weddings we have lined up. We have so many amazing couples that we’re photographing and we’ve become really great friends with them all along the way, it’s sooo much fun, we honestly have the best job in the world. In ’08 when we started booking up fast and we thought… hmmmm, we better pop a VaCa in here somewhere or we’re gonna get cranky!


Europe was the first thought that came to our mind… beautiful architecture, gorgeous scenery, amazing food and the romance… Oh la la! We really wanted to meet up with friends Jerry & Georgie Ghionis and take part in the AWESOME Paris photography workshop Jerry was running in France. We were so lucky to be invited along as models and get some incredible shots of us in front of the Eiffle Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, and the quaint and romantic streets of Montmartre (where the movie Amelie was made). To have them all taken by the Master Jerry Ghionis… what more could you ask for??! After our incredible time in Paris, we hopped on a plane to Athens and missed our ferry to the Greek Islands by literally 15 minutes… COME ON!!! Don’t feel too sad for us, we had the most mouth watering-ly delicious meal when we were stuck there for the night. We had never felt our taste buds dance like that before, pure heaven! Greek food is insanely good… yum! The next morning at 7am, we were on the high speed ferry to Naxos… Yeah baby!


No one, not even us, travels more than my little sister Tricia. Right now as we speak, she and her boyfriend Kris are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, this after camping out in the African jungle for 2 weeks, talk about adventure seekers… sorry guys, lions and tigers and bears… eeek not my cup of tea, lol!!! Anyways… when she recommended to us that we hit up Naxos in the Greek Islands, she knew what she was talking about 🙂 What a dreamy perfect piece of paradise!! The great thing about Naxos is that it has all of beautiful scenery, great culture, ancient ruins, and the beauty and charm of the Greek Islands but not quite as busy with tourists in the summer months.


When Dave and I arrived into Naxos, we fell in love with the island in an instant. We couldn’t believe how incredibly nice all of the people were, so genuinely sweet and generous. I seriously want to move there, or at least visit every year for the rest of my life.


The day after arriving, Dave and I wanted to get out and explore the island. We rented the cutest little lime green convertible (I can’t remember the name, it looked like a VW beetle sort of) and cruised around. We went into the villages and got lost in the winding hills of the island. We saw the most gorgeous white and blue churches that popped against the royal blue sky. The drive through the country-side was so mesmerizing, and the panoramic view of the town and Mediterranean Sea was a feast for the eyes.


We headed into the little village of Mino for lunch. We walked around for a bit checking out the small shops and cafes. We were drawn to a little restaurant in the town with the most appealing dishes. Dave noticed a family sitting across from us trying to take one of those self portrait/family shots we always see people doing lol!! Being the sweetie that Dave is, he offered to take a shot of them after they enjoyed their fantastic lunch. Once we started chatting, we realized we were talking to Aussies. It was so nice for Dave to chat with a few Australians again, it made him feel like he was at home, well for a few minutes anyway.


We found that Josh and Amanda, like us, were enjoying the Greek Islands for a little vacation time as well and we got the itch to do a couples shoot with the beauty of Greece as our backdrop.


I love the Panorama we set up at sunset… The sky turned purple and pink, just breath-taking!

Fashion Photography in Water05

After the sun went down for the day we set up some lights and Amanda and Josh took a dip in the warm sea water for a few shots!

Fashion Photography in Water02

I love the texture of the sand and the way the turquoise water looks when it’s lit, Cool huh??!?

Fashion Photography in Water01

Fashion Photography in Water07

I love this last shot below so much, super sexy! Great work guys, your such a gorgeous couple and we had a blast photographing you. Hope you both enjoyed your time away in Naxos and Santorini!!

Fashion Photography in Water06