Our European Adventures Begin!

at the airport in amsterdam

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like airports – especially when you’re trapped in them during stop overs. Recently we found ourselves in Amsterdam airport on the way back from India… The thing is, it occurred to us that our next flight wasn’t for 7 more hours. Admittedly, Amsterdam airport has probably the MOST comfortable lounge seats for you to sleep on in the world, but that wasn’t enough to entice us to stay and relax. So we threw our carry-on luggage into a locker and headed out to catch the local train into the city.

We were both impressed by the city’s beauty. Stunning architecture, fresh air, clear waterways and an overall great vibe to the city. Almost everyone in Amsterdam seems to commutes via bike – between the 750,000 Amsterdamians (new word?!), there are 600,000 bikes!

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We arrived and Central station and decided to explore the Old City on foot. We walked and walked for about 2 hours, and loved what we saw. We grabbed some fresh pastries to start our adventure off right!

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The quirky shapes of buildings, alleyways and even doors seem to be defined by the winding paths the canals take through the city.

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At the end of several hours meandering through the streets, we found ourselves at Anne Frank’s house. A little lost by now, we decided the sleek black mercedes idling in the taxi stand looked rather appealing, so we jumped in.

“How much will it cost for you to show us the sites for a couple of hours?” I asked.

“Eightee Yurows” replied the driver with a heavy Moroccan accent.

I can’t tell you how cool I felt at that moment, straight out of a movie! This guy had a really tough-guy image, totally shaved head, a strong face and looked a lot like The Transporter’s protagonist, Frank Martin/Jason Statham.

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We headed off to see the city from the windows of our rather fancy taxi/Transporter. He showed us the Royal Palace, the Red Light District (all closed though, mum), some of the more famous Cafe’s (cough cough) and even some windmills scattered around the city. There was some really incredible architecture along the way, but I didn’t catch the names of a lot of the buildings.

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On the way back to the airport there were some cool tulip fields and very sweet little cottages. It felt like the set of an old film to me.

I write this from Pearson Airport as we await boarding for our Paris/Greece adventures. This time we’re away for a bit of fun rather than business. A friend of ours, Jerry Ghionis is running a workshop in Paris and asked us if we’d like to be his models. Can’t wait to be photographed by him again with gorgeous Paris as our backdrop!!