Sara & Hami’s Amazing EShoot

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how excited I am about this shoot! I’m seriously in the middle of packing for Ankush & Lina’s wedding in India tomorrow and writing this blog post at the same time. We’ll be in New Delhi this week on an awesome adventure shooting their grand and incredible Indian wedding! When I saw the amazing photos from this shoot I could NOT wait to blog it. Hold on to your seats, here’s Sara and Hami’s engagement shoot!

I LOVE, love, love couples that are in love! It’s the kind of love when you just can’t stop smiling for ear to ear. When you can tell that when they look at each other that there isn’t anywhere on this planet that they’d rather be than together. Sara & Hami are one of these head over heels, hot for each other in love couples that we just adore! We felt so privileged to be the photographers to capture their love with our lenses.


When we met Sara and Hami for the first time to chat about their dream wedding photography coverage, I couldn’t get over how stunningly gorgeous Sara was (Hami’s cute too of course πŸ˜‰ ). She has these gorgeous big brown eyes, endless bouncy curls and a beautiful personality to match. She was definitely going to be one beautiful bride.


As we were chatting Sara mentioned that she enjoys Salsa dancing. Dave and I kept that in the back of our memory for almost a year and had to get them to show us a few moves for the engagement shoot. Boy, can these two move!!


We love the Berkeley Church and so do many of our clients. They check out the shots on our blog from our wedding photography workshops here in Toronto and they instantly fall in love with all of the different backdrops the Berkeley Church has to offer. Sara and Hami thought it would be a perfect spot for their engagement pictures and they were right! They have soooo many amazing photos from the shoot that we are now doing some canvases and an A-Mazing engagement album for them as well! It’s going to be awesome!!


I LOVE these shots below! Just a simple engagement portrait, but don’t they just look so gorgeous together ???!!!






The Berkeley Church was awesome!! With little winding pathways and streams, blue, red and exposed brick walls, it was an endless source of shooting locations.



I just loved it when these guys changed into their more formal, evening wear. Sara was wearing this stunning gold dress and Hami looked handsome and charming in his suit. We took them away to a little hidden area in the church to grab a few shots of them playing and sneaking a kiss in here and there. Later when we looked back at the images, we couldn’t believe how many of the shots turned out absolutely perfect… not a hair out of place on either of them πŸ™‚ We loved all the pictures so much we couldn’t decide so we ended up making it into a sequence of our favourites!



Can you believe that this is the end of the shoot?! They still looked like movie stars even after all of the dancing, kissing, modeling and posing they did for us.


Wait a minute… let me pop on my sunglasses… Talk about a stunning engagement ring, huh?! Hami you have some great taste, fabulous work on Sara’s ring!


Ahhh, a couple more of my faves, this has to be one of the best poses from the engagement shoot. I don’t think this shoot could have turned out any better if we had hired professional models! You guys rocked this shoot, amazing work you two! We can’t wait to photograph your gorgeous wedding this summer, stay tuned to the blog for Sara and Hami’s wedding at The Manor in Kettleby… coming soon!