Little Baby Matteo

Update: I’m very excited to now have a new Toronto Baby Photography website called Rainbow Eleven, please check it out πŸ™‚


I cannot begin to tell you how busy Dave and I have been lately… phew! We just got back from shooting an out-of-this-world wedding in India (pics to come!), tons of wicked eshoots, photographed a couple of amazing weddings and all before we strike a pose in Paris in a few days with Jerry Ghionis!! Yes, Dave and I have officially lost our marbles- hehe. One thing that I thought I might tackle, in the midst of all the madness, was my second newborn shoot.


For some reason I thought that newborn shoots would be simple… easy… a piece of cake. I mean how hard could it be, the baby sleeps, you pose them in a cute way, take the photograph and voila, instant adorable baby photos… Hmm, I may have been misguided by all of the cuteness. Actually newborns are a lot like us, they don’t like being disturbed while they are sleeping and cry when they are hungry making it harder than you think to get those super-cute, happy sleeping baby shots. But when they do shut their little eyes and drift off to sleep, so peaceful and cozy, there is nothing more beautiful in the world.

cutest newborn-baby-photo-toronto

When baby Matteo’s parents saw the blog post of baby Caris, my last newborn shoot, they loved it and wanted something similar when their little one was born. When they contacted me for the shoot I was so stoked and booked in the session regardless of our schedule :). I know it’s only my second newborn photography session, but after shooting little baby Matteo, I think I may be getting a knack for it. It’s so rewarding knowing that these meaningful photos will stay close to his parents hearts for years to come, and may one day become a family heirloom.

best baby picture

Lhin, Matteo’s mommy loved the first shot on the blog of Caris’ daddy holding her in his arms. I wanted to create something similar that they could enjoy for their nursery! Look at those little feetsies…. awwww so cute!

cute photo of dad holding the baby's feet in his hands

toronto baby photographer toronto

I think I mentioned before that I bought like a million little baby hats, beanies, wraps and blankies… Before the shoot I just received a new shipment of little baby hats from this amazingly talented lady in Perth, Australia. Her stuff is so funky and cool, like nothing I’ve ever seen as far as newborn hats go. I love the fuzzy hat at the top, I bought three of them lol, and of course this little bunny rabbit hat, so sweet :).

newborn-baby-photos-cute bunny ears and a sock as props

Awww, I love macro photos of the little details – nose, toes and little baby fingers. What a cutie and perfect little newborn Matteo was to photograph. Thanks for being the best little model for me!

details of the cutest baby in the world