3 Days New


Have you ever seen anything as cute as this teeny, tiny little baby girl? Can you believe she is only 3 days old!!! Let me introduce you to little baby Caris. She was so incredibly adorable and I was so happy to have the pleasure of shooting her in the first 3 days of her little life. When Fallon, Caris’ mommy, contacted me and said she was interested in a shoot I was so ecstatic and a little bit scared! It’s not that I haven’t done a baby shoot before, it was just that I had never photographed a baby this young. Caris’ mommy and daddy came along for the shoot and helped me with the newborn session. Daddy held little Caris for this photo, can you believe that she actually fits in the palm of his hands!


Dave has been doing this for a while and has done his fair share of newborn shoots in his time, but I really wanted to try this type of photography out for myself so I decided to tackle our newborn shoots on my own. I was a little nervous and wasn’t really sure what to expect so I did a little research and found a few pointers… 1) Get some cool props (Ok, I must have spent like $800 on photography props- geesh there is sooo much cute stuff out there, Don’t tell Dave! From beanies, wraps, blankies, wooden bowls, baskets, knitted baby swings and of course the cute little baby cocoons… see below!) 2) Make sure the room is toasty warm for the little one 3) Have lots and lots of cloths, wet wipes and diapers just in case 😉 4) Give yourself lots of time because sometimes the baby won’t be sleepy or interested in having pictures taken!


Little Caris was one un-sleepy little girl. She was so cute, she would just look at me like peek-a-boo, I’m not tired, I’m wiiiide awake!


Take a look at this face! That’s what I think of every time I see this picture… Those little cheeks are so cute!



I couldn’t believe how sweet her little toes were! So small and cute as a button. She finally went down for a little snooze after a tough hour of modeling :). Now that I’ve photographed little baby Caris I’ve come to the conclusion that I absolutely love taking newborn photos. They are so delicate and small at this age. It’s such a wonderful idea to have your baby photographed when they are so new to the world! I bet she looks different already, they grow up so fast.


I love this one, I wanted a macro shot of her eyelashes so I got in close, they were so perfect and tiny.


She was so tranquil once she fell asleep. There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby 🙂 Thanks so much to Fallon and Gary for bringing your little newborn baby girl along for a photography session with me. It was really amazing to photograph your little miracle.