Sonia & Khiem’s Eshoot


Meet Sonia & Khiem… When they met with us in our studio to talk about their wedding, Dave and I felt an instant connection with the fabulous couple planning a beautiful Chinese wedding. Maybe it was because they knew how important good photography is on your wedding day, or maybe it was because we share a common interest, a strong love for the environment. As we were talking we mentioned how happy we were to finally be a part of Bullfrog Power. We’d already been doing what we could to reduce our carbon footprint while traveling on our destination weddings but Bullfrog Power is something else we could do right here at home. We were so proud to have our studio powered on Bullfrog’s green electricity that comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities.


We really started to spark an interest with Sonia & Khiem. Sonia (AKA Ms. Green) works as a Director for a Not for Profit Environmental Organization and is also a blogger on environmental issues. As we were chatting we thought, why not Bullfrog your wedding, they do this sorta thing for concerts and events, why not have a green wedding! We all thought it was such a great idea and the rest is history! Bullfrog now offers you an option to Bullfrog your wedding to run on clean, green energy, isn’t that AWESOME!



When it came time to do some amazing engagement photos of Sonia & Khiem, we had to head to nature. We thought Toronto’s High Park would be a great location for a photo shoot of the young couple in love. Spring had arrived in full force. Birds chirping, blossoms flew through the air and billowy clouds floated by over head. Nothing better than photographing a great couple in nature in the month of May… it’s hard to believe we actually call this work! lol!



We took a few shots day dreaming in the dandelions and making a wish or two. After walking around for a bit we wanted to grab some shots of Sonia & Khiem by the water and playing in the reeds. Spring just gets the excitement flowing in your veins and makes you wanna spend all day outside! It was so much fun working with these guys 🙂 We wrapped the shoot at the Sunnyside Pavilion and played around with a few of the locations. Sonia & Khiem were so cool, we had soooo many great pictures from this engagement shoot, there are just waaay too many to post. We hope you guys like the sneak peek and thanks for helping us welcome in the warm spring weather.



If you’d like some more information on how to Bullfrog Power your wedding click here! Your wedding is such a happy time in your life, going green is just one more thing to feel great about!!