G’Day Toronto – Australia Week

G’Day mate… how ya goin’… Thanks for checking in on us to see what we’ve both been up to. I can tell you we’ve had a lot of amazing stuff happen this month! Along with all of the weddings and engagement shoots that have been keeping us busy, we were published in a 4 page spread in Canadian Family Magazine, hosted another awesome photography workshop here in Toronto and held our opening night for our CONTACT exhibit Terra Australis… Phew!! What a wild ride we’ve been on!!


To our excitement, our exhibit has been getting a lot of attention here in Toronto and we’re very happy to say we sold out our pieces before our gallery even opened!! We’ve decided to do another run of our fine art landscape photography we have on display from all over Australia for any more interested buyers so contact us if you’d like a little peice of “down under” for your walls :). (Download an order form here)


This has all been so thrilling for us and we’ve hardly had a moments rest, the big news came a few days ago when Tourism Australia gave us a ring to invite our Terra Australis exhibition to be part of G’Day Toronto and come as guests to the opening night of G’Day Toronto – the week long tourism festival showcasing Australia’s culture. The room was a-buzz with music, beer and wine tastings, delicious treats, and Australian foods like Tim Tams, meat pies and Kangaroo! Yes, Kangaroo… Dave and I have had it before but it was very exotic for us to try it here in T.O. The Australian wine council was there as well with many vendors from all over Oz promoting delectable wines from many of the regions.


We had a great night at the party last night and we’re pumped to be invited to the G’Day Toronto Media Launch party this afternoon. It was so awesome to have our pieces on display and it was great having so many important people from the media from here in Toronto chatting to us about our exhibit. It’s so cool getting recognition for something that has been so much fun for us to put together. G’Day Toronto will be on from now until Saturday. If you’re looking for something fun to do in the city check out the festivities and the last chance to see our Terra Australis exhibit in our studio, it will be open this Friday from 6-9!!! Have fun at all of the G’Day Toronto festivities everyone and don’t forget to throw another shrimp on the barbie for us!