Adam & Melissa’s Wedding at The Manor, Kettleby

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to witness and capture such significant events in people’s lives on a weekly basis. Somehow, Charlotte and I seem to keep attracting the most amazing clients – and we feel so incredibly thankful for that. Melissa and Adam are no exception to the rule πŸ™‚ They were part of Mike & Nulifer’s wedding last year – and it’s a funny thing, when you step into another wedding with people you’ve become friends with, their level of trust in you makes the photography of the day go even better.


Adam is such a funny, thoughtful and caring guy – the way he and Melissa relate – the way their families expressed their love to them throughout the day – the way they look at one another, it’s easy to see them sitting in reclining chairs 50 years from now, still sharing jokes back and forth.


When we arrived at Adam’s place, it was cool to see that the guys had been playing some poker to get the day started right! Before leaving to go to Melissa’s house, we grabbed this cool shot of the guys… Looking very mafiaso right?!


At Melissa’s house, the atmosphere was electric. Not only were her bridesmaids and parents there, but all her aunties, uncles and grandparents too… Very cool to see them all having a good time together.



All of Melissa’s bridesmaids were keeping her laughing most of the day too! Check out this great shot of Mel cracking up as the girls tie up her dress.


And as Mel’s mum popped her head through the door for the first look of her being dressed I captured this great expression! You can see where Mel gets her sense of humour eh?


Robert of the Flower Workshop in Bolton, did an awesome job. They all lasted the whole day and looked incredible.


Don’t you love this bird cage veil with fresh flowers Melissa wore… So elegent.


The drama in the moment when dad sees his little girl all dressed up is always fantastic. There’s so much love in those eyes.


… and nothing beats a mother’s eyes seeing her baby all dressed up to get married.


The ceremony was held at The Manor is Kettleby. Although the weather was cold, the rain held off, which was great as Mel and Adam for really hoping for their outdoor ceremony…. I just love an open air wedding, and this light was just gorgeous.


Here’s all the parent’s response to the first kiss! You gotta love that.


Although we’ve photographed many weddings at The Manor, we haven’t often made use of the front foyer for photography, so we were stoked to have it all to ourselves for the family portraits and wedding party session. What a sexy wedding party right?!


Smokin’ ladies! The girls were having so much fun together and kept each other laughing the whole day… very cool.


Toward the end of twilight, we headed outside for a brief shoot by the lake… I love the contrasting colour.



And to finish the night off, here is a beautiful moment where Adam and Melissa cut their cake and ended up with two rather lage slices!


Well congratulations again guys – it was a real treat to photograph your wedding… Safe travels abroad – it’ll be great to catch up when you return.