A Year in Pictures

Dave and I have one rather obvious obsession and serious passion- Photography. Every day we wake up and see the world as if we’re looking through the lens of a camera. We almost always have our cameras on hand and love shooting little inspirational pieces of the world and documenting our lives. Photography has become embedded so deep within our hearts, we love any excuse to get out there and start snapping. We love being creative and living and feeling in the moment. Capturing our subjects as they truly are and most of the time, madly in LOVE!

We’re so lucky to be surrounded by so many passionate and talented photographers. The saying must be true “like attracts like” because we know that all of our photographer friends and mentors are as in love with shooting as we are! Over the last year we’ve had the incredible opportunity to be photographed by many amazing people. We thrive in all types of photography and even love getting in front of the lens from time to time. If there is one thing I’d recommend to any photographer from a hobbyist to a seasoned pro, get in front of the camera and see how you feel. You can learn so much from being on the other side, it will really give you an insight into how your subjects are feeling when you photograph them, what works and what really made you respond to the camera.

We started off our year in pictures being photographed by somebody whose images we’ve both admired for a long time, legend and multi-international award winner Jerry Ghionis! We attended his workshop in Washington D.C. and can honestly say to any photographer it was an amazing learning experience and real eye opener!

Dave and I were lucky enough to be models in the workshop and really got a chance to get a feel for what it’s like on the other side. We love Jerry’s style and were thrilled with the shots. He’s amazing with posing and lighting. What an awesome experience to be photographed by the most awarded photographer in the world!





Meet Micheal Moore! No, he’s not the documentary filmmaker and star of “Roger and Me”:) He’s a cool and down to earth photographer and friend of ours with some amazing talent. We hooked up for a shoot down at the Toronto Brickworks and had some wicked fun exploring the dusty old brick factory. Remind me next time not to wear high heels while exploring abandoned brick factories LOL. That was the first and last time I wore those shoes 🙁


James Van Hees or Jaymz as some know him, is a great friend of ours and has one of the most amazing studios we’ve ever seen. Located in Flamborough, he’s built his studio out of an old church dating back to the 1800’s. Mesmerizing cathedral ceilings and an actual cat walk/fashion runway greet you as you walk through the old church doors. James was a great help when we needed a new promo shot for our site. James also runs workshops with us several times a year.



Wei Quek is a new and up-coming photographer from Calgary. His style is modern, edgy and very cool. We were stoked when he asked us at WPPI in Las Vegas if we were up for a shoot, not only because he and his wife Diane a great photographers but because we had just gotten engaged!!!




Some of you may remember Bryan Caporicci and his fiance Al from our blog. We just finished part 1 of 4 of their 4 season shoot and had a real blast going to Blue Mountain in Collingwood for the weekend with the two of them. We rented a ski chalet and hung out in the village to get some great shots of the newly engaged couple. Bryan, being a wedding photographer himself was nice enough to grab shots of Dave and I through out the shoot, here are a few of our faves!




Thanks so much to all of the great photographers that have not only been friends to us but have helped us document the past year of our lives together. Looking back at the photos, we realize how important it is to take the time for good photography. This year flew by sooo fast but we’ll always have our photos to remind us of our great times together. Remember you never NEED a good reason to have great photography of you and your loved ones. Make the time together and invest in an artist!!